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    I report myself to Ivica Dacic

    | 25/01/2012

    I report to Minister of Police Ivica Dacic that there are thoughts in my head, the same as in the head of Sreten Ugricic. They are restless, they bother me, they often demand to be spoken out loud, even thrown on paper. And, careless as I am, I obey. Most of the times, my thoughts are directly opposed to the thoughts of the Serbian government. I believe that the Minister should be informed of this.

    I report myself also to the Minster of Education and Science, Zarko Obradovic. As a professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, I am a public servant, and fall under his jurisdiction. I participate in a project funded by the Ministry of Science – that is additional money I take from the government. And the thoughts in my head are pushing, relentlessly. They woke me up this Saturday as well… early in the morning. I cannot sleep peacefully and think at the same time. And the minister said yesterday that, as a public servant, I should not be doing that – thinking, that is. I believe he should be informed I was unable to establish control over my thoughts. Once again, they are asking me to take them out, to smell some fresh air.

    I report to competent and other ministers that I am a member of the Managing Board of the Belgrade City Library. I believe they should be informed, and take immediate steps. I will not resign on purpose, since I support the work of this successful institution and its capable director with all my heart. But it is not appropriate that I manage and think at the same time – so I report.

    And still these thoughts are scratching in my head. Since last night, this is what they are screaming in my head: Serbia is the country where Predrag Markovic, Minister of Culture, turned out to be the best guy. He tried to protect the director of the National Library and said that the issue was not urgent. Ivica Dacic is not the right topic. He is Ivica Dacic, member of the Socialist Party of Serbia. The real topic here is the Democratic Party. This party which agreed to depose the director of a key national cultural institution just like that. And showed that it does not care what Ugricic did for Serbian culture. And that, after all, it is unclear what we need Ugricic for – people like him are dime a dozen. And stressed that people working in cultural institutions are state and party apparatchiks. And that they should be good. And not think. And not belong to themselves, by rather to the state. And that now, leaders of cultural institutions should be afraid. That this is the type of culture we need, that this kind of culture will help us become a candidate for the EU. That such directors of cultural institutions will make things better, and help us defend all our failed policies.

    This is why I report myself. Because I don’t want to spoil things anymore. Everything is ok. Except for Ugricic. Then, nothing.

    Dubravka Stojanovic, public servant

    Peščanik.net, 25.01.2012.

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