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Dossier of the judiciary

| 20/03/2011

If the secret police gathered data about judges and prosecutors, then our trust in the intention to ever establish a rule of law would be brought into question.

One to five

| 12/03/2011

Republic of Serbia’s 2011 Budget – monies earmarked for the security services, human rights and anti-corruption bodies.

New energy and credibility

| 10/03/2011

The general assessment of the Prime Minister regarding the reconstruction of the Government comes down to the following: everyone did their job right.

Does denying genocide counts as free speech?

| 05/03/2011

Dr. Srdja Trifkovic was recently invited to speak about the state of affairs in the Balkans at the University of British Columbia.


| 27/02/2011

Let’s say someone is singing “One who does not like Dabic Rasa, should suck our dick”. How many people may be insulted by this?  What is the sum of all the spiritual, or, let’s say moral pain that these verses inflict?

Once again, the command is – Stop!

| 16/02/2011

A meeting of the Council of all Serbs in the Region was held a few days ago in the President’s cabinet. The idea is to prepare Serbs for the population counts in neighboring countries.

We march through reform with pride, yet repetitively

| 08/02/2011

The answer to EC Questionnaire is filled with false contrition, lack of understanding of the problem and a readiness to keep rushing.

Sins according to Ciplic

| 06/02/2011

Ciplic is an illustration of a bizarre political nomenclature, which is obviously ready to stick by its party soldiers until the very last moment.

Rebuilding Vijećnica in Sarajevo

| 04/02/2011

During the four-year long Serb siege of Sarajevo, from 1992 till 1995, Vijecnica was repeatedly shelled. On 26th of August 1992, the library burned. Around two million publications were lost.

The stupidity test

| 03/02/2011

A list of 50 things the general public in Serbia is prone to believing, mostly thanks to the uncritical attitude towards the numerous information they have been fed by various media over the decades.

Political reality show

| 22/01/2011

Political parties in Serbia address a population mostly consisting of people who watch reality show programs.

Shame on Pessimists!

| 11/01/2011

Are the citizens to believe that they are guilty for not trusting the government? The marketing team of our President has really lost its mind.

Belarus, our sister

| 29/12/2010

Serbia has not uttered a single word due to the violation of basic human rights in Belarus. Why?

Letter to Boris Tadic

| 24/12/2010

The latest attack on Branko Živković, Helsinki Committee PR officer, must be properly investigated without any delay.

Yellow house at the end of the road

| 23/12/2010

The report by Dick Marty is important primarily for Kosovo, where the issue of war crimes against non-Albanians has been at a standstill from the very beginning.

Post-election violence in Belarus

| 22/12/2010

Seven out of nine alternative presidential candidates were detained by the police.

Yugoslav Airlines flies only in TV commercials

| 18/12/2010

JAT is a paradigm of Serbia – everything has fallen apart in that company.

Synagogue in Milan Nedic Street

| 09/12/2010

We read that the street in which the Jewish synagogue is located is now called Milan Nedic Street.

The Other Cheek

| 30/11/2010

In June 2010, after the Vidovdan celebration in Gazimestan, twenty or so members of Obraz (Cheek) took a picture, posing in a brotherly embrace with Alexander Konuzin, the Russian ambassador in Serbia.

The Nicer Truth

| 28/11/2010

Whenever Srdja Popovic speaks about the armed insurrection of JSO, we should always speak about October 5 as well. What was the role of the conspirators? What happened on October 5?

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