We invite you to come on Friday, November 4th to the Plato in front of the Philosophical Faculty to express our protest against the violence that was inflicted on students participating in the blockade on Thursday, November 3rd.

The Faculty’s Administration announced in its statement of November 2nd that it is hiring private security for the sake of “the establishment of conditions for teaching.” When blockade students nonviolently attempted to pass by the guards, they were attacked by security guards. On that occasion, several students were pushed down the stairs, one student was hit in the stomach, one student was pulled by the hair, and one student was strangled. The offenses mentioned above were committed by members of security guards.

The Faculty’s Administration, led by Dean – Vesna Dimitrijevic, Vice Dean for Education – Milos Milenkovic, Vice Dean for finance – Miomir Despotovic and Secretary – Slobodan Ivaneža, has not reacted. Moreover, in a statement released later today by the administration, false information was delivered, in which students, not the security guards, were blamed for the attacks and it was announced that some of the students were charged with disciplinary or criminal charges.

We invite all citizens to condemn violence against students in the blockade, and to denounce the faculty’s administration that instead of discussions with students and response to their requests, hired private security guards and announced criminal and disciplinary proceedings. The Blockade will end by fulfilling the students’ requests, not by physical violence.

We invite you to gather in the Plato on Friday and sign the petition.

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