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Public institutions and media financing

CORAX 2016

Report on the Possible Impact of Public Sector Institutions on Media, through Financing of Advertising and Marketing Services


The Anti-Corruption Council would like to emphasize that the goal of this Report is not to mark any of the legal subjects involved in contracting and financing advertising and marketing services as a perpetrator of a criminal offence, or any other type of punishable act.

Neither can all of the services presented in the Report be regarded as corruptive, nor are all of the presented expenditures made by the public sector institutions always a result of a systemic corruption.

The Council particularly supports all individual advertising services that are not discretionary and purposeless, but are established as mandatory, through various rules and regulations. Such services include publishing information about public procurements, bankruptcy procedures, privatization processes, and employment advertisements, thus affirming the principle of transparency in the work of public authorities.

Therefore, the Council finds that the said services are not harmful to the public budget, but at the same time points out that there are no clear criteria for selection of the media for publishing those kinds of advertisements.

The Anti-Corruption Council based its conclusions about the corruptive nature of contracting advertising and marketing services on the phenomena presented in this Report, with special emphasis on the possible impact of the public sector institutions on providers of these services (media).


Translated by Jelena Zrnic

Proofreading Andrijana Jovicic

Peščanik.net, 03.03.2016.