Design Slaviša Savić

Design Slaviša Savić

On April 3 and 6, 2015, unknown individuals uploaded two articles to Pescanik website, one signed with initials NP, and the other with the names of our two authors, Marko Milanovic and Miljana Radivojevic. These articles (Covek “cvrste ruke” pod istragom? and Ko je Sasa Mirkovic?) were not written by any author who publishes for Pescanik, and the editors Svetlana Vukovic and Svetlana Lukic did not approve the publishing of these articles. Furthermore, these two articles were not uploaded to the website either by Pescanik webmaster or by the system administrator.

The article, Who is Sasa Mirkovic? appeared also on the website of the Danas daily, once again without the knowledge of the editors or the webmaster, and with the remark that it was retrieved from the Pescanik website.

At the advice of our legal team, the editors of Pescanik filed criminal charges against unidentified persons for unauthorized website breach, falsifying content and false representation to the Ministry of Internal Affairs Department for High-tech Crime and the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Since June 2014, when we published a series of articles which analyzed the PhD theses of high-ranking government officials, and culminating in the most recent changes to our website, Pescanik has been under constant attacks, which, in two cases, resulted in the changing of website content; in august 2014, the website main page was changed, and articles titled “Stop the lies” were published. In November 2014, three articles about the problematical PhD theses (as well as their translation to English) were erased from the website.

On two occasions in the past, Pescanik submitted all requested data to the Ministry of Internal Affairs Department for High-tech Crime; first time when the website was brought down immediately after the articles on PhD theses were published (June 2014), while, during the second visit to the police station (September 2014) we submitted the Belgrade IP address which was used to commit one of the attacks on the website and change its contents. However, until today, we have not received any information about the results of the investigation. From other media, we have found out that the highest-ranking police officer in charge of cyber crime, “by reviewing internet forums and comments on the security of that server, (determined) that the server was unsafe, and consequently advised the editors and administrator of Pescanik to move the presentation to a more secure server”.

What we expect from the police is a serious investigation, which, of course, can be finalized unsuccessfully, instead of advice based on comments found on internet forums. The least we expect is to be informed about any conclusions the police have reached.

Pešč, 11.04.2015.