Kosovar-Serbian grammar book

A grammar book for developing basic literacy on Serbian-Kosovo relations is nothing new: the only problem is that in this case the understanding is unpronounceable, inapplicable, and unimaginable.

Make a committee

The national assembly voted on 8 so-called prominent legal experts, future members of the judicial councils. The remaining 7 will be elected through the so-called five-member committee.

Operation Reka

It was not an operation at all. It was not a military action against enemy soldiers, nor did it have any military objective. The only targets were Albanian civilians from Kosovo and their property.


One would expect the president, deeply shaken by the wave of murderous violence of children against children and young people against young people, to say something about reconciliation…

Red alert

The timing of this mass shooting leads us to question its connection to the now decade-long rule of the neo-Radicals. That government, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is based on hatred and fear.

Ahmici, 30 years later

At dawn on April 16, 1993, members of the Military Police and the “Jokers”, a special unit of the Croatian Defense Council (HVO), attacked the central Bosnian village of Ahmici near Vitez.


The institutions are still silent about the case of two female deputy prosecutors who complained that they were removed from their departments and harassed by the High Public Prosecutor.

Creative industries – Strpci

Brandy, wine, whey, and poetry festivals. Calf, furniture, book, and tractor fairs. The most valued word is creativity. Everything is creative now: capital, Karl Marx, cattle, managers, and advertisers.

Dodik’s anti-Yugoslav manifesto

Why is it unnecessary to listen to Milorad Dodik’s speeches on January 9th, which celebrates the establishment of Republika Srpska? Because he talks about the same things every year.


It seems that for thirty years the best thing that Serbs can think to do is erect barricades. Can we expect the barricades in Kosovo not to end up like the barricades around Knin? It’s hard to say…

Vulin in his own world

BIA got a new director. Gasic handed over all papers, keys and staff to Vulin. This seems to have woken up the opposition from their stupor, but their astonishment was very confusing.

Russia Today, Europe never

This should be the slogan of RT Balkan, the portal in Serbian launched by Russia Today TV, at the same time announcing a plan to begin broadcasting its program in Serbian by 2024.

Orlic’s reprimands

Rakic stood up and addressed the President of the Parliament Orlic and the ruling majority: “What children, exactly, are you concerned about? In the 1990s, you sent my classmates to war…”

Yet another October 22

DwP – I’m supposed to write about October 22, 1992. On that day the paramilitary group Avengers, led by Milan Lukic, abducted sixteen people. They abducted one man the night before.

Russian lessons

Prilepin said that his intention was to write a book about love, but it turned out to be about war, because “anything a Russian takes up, eventually turns into fire from the Kalashnikov.”

The birth of the Belgrade CircIe

DwP – A group of Serbian historians began collecting documents about the anti-war movement in Serbia in the 1990s and the Association of Independent Intellectuals Belgrade Circle.

Happy fearmonger

In a panicked frenzy, the ruler warned us about a series of disasters headed our way. His panic scale is calibrated at the scale of cataclysms and apocalypses, unavoidable biblical prophecies…

Winds of change in B&H

The two main pieces of news from the elections held in Bosnia and Herzegovina are the victory of Denis Becirovic and changes to the Election law imposed by High representative C. Schmidt.

Radoslav Brdjanin – contribution to crimes

The day before yesterday, the news arrived that this prematurely released Hague convict died in B&H, but it was not possible to hear or read anything about his war efforts for which he was sentenced to 30 years.

Walk for Russia

The Belgrade “walk for life” had almost no banners against EuroPride – it was primarily a symbolic message to Brussels that Vladimir Putin is present and easily managing the regime in Belgrade.

Why I left

At the other end of the table I saw hands. He told me that he was sorry about everything that happened and warned me not to talk so much about it in the media, since it affects the investigation.