Dear colleagues and friends!

Lukashenka’s regime has gone TOO FAR this time. More than 600 (!) peaceful participants of mass protest actions, including journalists, were detained and arrested after the Presidential election on December 19, 2010. All these people and even more that managed to escape were beaten extremely hard by the riot police with the use of reinforced sticks and boots.

According to short messages of detained people some of them were kept for TWO DAYS in police cars without water and food. The KGB intrudes offices of civil groups, the alternative candidates’ headquarters and private apartments of civil activists with the use of force. The relatives of the majority of detained people can’t find information about location of their sons, daughters, brothers and sisters.

Seven out of nine alternative presidential candidates were detained by the police and the KGB. Four of them were beaten cruelly. Location of some of them remains UNKNOWN.

This message is a call for support! Dear friends, these actions of the incumbent regime are INHUMAN. The incumbent president noted during his yesterday’s press-conference that the time of democracy would come to an end in Belarus. The authorities are planning to put total control over the Internet in 2011.

Will you, please, appeal to your national governments to condemn the actions of Belarusian authorities and TERMINATE ANY RELATIONS with the FASCIST regime in Belarus.

Will you, please, address to the Belarusian state authorities and the diplomatic representations in your countries with a demand to release immediately ALL participants of peaceful protest actions in Minsk, including journalists and alternative presidential candidates and to STOP repression in relation to the people that do not support the incumbent regime in Belarus.

It is only COMMON EFFORTS that can improve the situation in Belarus. Please, don’t be indifferent. Thank you in advance.

Pešč, 22.12.2010.

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