We are calling for listeners, readers, participants and friends of the show, people from Belgrade and Pancevo to stand up in defense of Biljana Srbljanovic, accused of disorderly conduct.

Pescanik had so far held 87 promotions all over Serbia, which were attended by more than 20.000 people and several hundred police officers in police vans and with riot gear.

On March 1st, Biljana Srbljanovic was a speaker at the promotion of Pescanik in Pancevo. The members of the organizationDveri srpske attempted to violently break up the gathering. They were stopped by members of the audience who threw them out.

The manager of Dom omladine Pancevo, Radisa Stanisic, claims that they have received an anonymous bomb threat during the promotion. The organizers were notified by the police that some 30 members of right-wing organizations attempted to come to the promotion, but were stopped. Their cars were pulled over coming from Belgrade on the road to Pancevo and they were turned back.

Several members of right-wing and nationalistic organizations did make it to the promotion, which they tried to disrupt.

The police should have filed charges against some of those people. However, we haven’t heard of any of them being charged. The police did file a disorderly conduct complaint against Biljana Srbljanovic.

Biljana was charged of disorderly conduct, which is an offence punishable by a fine or imprisonment up to 60 days. She was informed that if she doesn’t show up for a hearing on May 22nd, she will be arrested and brought to court.

On this Friday, May 22nd, Pescanik will not be broadcast. Instead, as a sign of support and solidarity, we will be in front of the court, where the hearing of charges against Mrs. Srbljanovic is to be held.

After the hearing, we will be back in studio to inform our listeners who are not able come to this protest.

This is not Biljana Srbljanovic’s personal problem, this is our problem too.

On Friday May 22nd at 9 A.M. we will be on 47 Kneza Milosa Street, courtroom No. 3. We are asking you to join us and in doing so show your solidarity with Biljana Srbljanovic.

If you are doing fine,

never mind.

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Peščanik.net, 16.05.2009.