Once upon a time, Serbia was a place where both good and bad people lived. And they were more or less evenly distributed along political party, professional and municipal lines. Now the good people live only in the ruling party, all the others are mooching off the government, and if they’re not outright stealing, they are at least malicious and intentionally or stupidly thwarting the government’s efforts. We are facing a demographic disorder worse than sub-replacement fertility (which only the usual opponents of LGBT people still talk about), and the authorities remain silent. And will remain silent. For them, this situation is perfect.

Our government has proved to be extremely sensitive when it comes to the spoken word and the effect this word can cause. Unfortunately, this applies only to other people’s words. When the Turkish coach said that Serbian football fans are terrorists and then one fan was killed in Turkey, our government quickly and easily connected the weight of the words with deeds and quickly, and too easily, sent a demarche, issued an exclusion order and threatened with breaking off relations.

They are even more sensitive on the home front. If someone even thinks of looking at one of the officials (or a member of their family) the wrong way, they are promptly accused, on television of course, that their thinking can produce detrimental effects both to the offended one and the country as a whole.

But when government officials publicly smear their citizens or citizens of other countries, the government does not realize the connection between these words and offenses they may cause. If you ask the government, only malicious tongues could connect setting bakeries ablaze with the harsh words uttered by the government and peppered by the media. Just like only malicious people could express their concern about the consequences that may arise from routinely smearing one profession after the other, one age or social group after the other, or one person after the other. Disability pensions – fraudulent! Other pensions – undeservedly high! The socially vulnerable – parasites! Lawyers, teachers, the media, journalists, prosecutors – all of them rabble-rousers who need to go to elections if they want to rule, until then they better shut up! Just like all the critics should shut up, because, as the prime minister explained “in the exclusive interviews for RTS” (exclusive! – he gives an interview every week, and appears on RTS at least once a month) – all those who criticize and compare this government to those from the nineties are stuck. Not mentally, although they are probably mentally retarded as well, but stuck in the nineties. This, however, is not a new argument – it has long been appearing in both serious and frivolous media – only the “authors” who advocate it are new. Some of them do not hesitate to produce witnesses posthumously, just to use them as “evidence” in the case registered under the title: “All those who didn’t dutifully join us are arrogant auto-chauvinists, well paid to advocate a policy of ‘the worse, the better’ and are now left without a guru and, therefore, in total disarray, so they are open to attacks”.

So, good luck in these new years which are not the nineties. May the target on your back turn to gold.

Translated by Marijana Simic

Pešč, 26.11.2014.

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Nadežda Milenković
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Nadežda Milenković

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