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Aleksandar Vucic keeps destabilizing his own position which was set so that he and his men are absolute rulers. Maybe the prime minister is unaware of this, but by creating crises and instabilities he destroys both the position of Serbia and its state institutions. What kind of image could a state have where police blackmails the prime minister to force him to resign and where there is a rumor that some criminal called general Papaya rules the police. Not less damaging are the headlines about DP and tycoons who plot to drown the prime minister in floods; that the story about the forgery of Nebojsa Stefanovic’s doctorate is constructed in order to destabilize the government and Vucic himself (which is one more malice of all-mighty Democratic party); that prime minister’s conversations with his son are wired; that he is being framed for censorship and control of the media for the most devious intentions. Such constructed affairs should, most of all, bother the prime minister of Serbia. But, they don’t. He himself constructs the affairs. This proves that he uses those affairs to build up his power and holy moral character. The more threats and dangers, the more evidence that the prime minister is doing some great and courageous deeds for Serbia

Although the prime minister could have led the government peacefully and without frictions, in order to start solving economic and other problems, it seems that it’s not going to happen. The prime minister involves himself in ever new manipulations that are of no concern to the citizens and their problems. Manipulations regarding his vulnerability prove that Vucic needs more silencing of the public, more servitude and admiration, more power and total control. This is what professor Zoran Tomic, talking about censorship in Serbia in the newspapers Danas, called manipulative political privatization. It includes: pressuring the media, aggressive takeover of the mainstream, morals and good taste, destruction of independent public institutions, silencing of non-governmental organizations, privatization of politics and party and privatization of state.

Apparently, managing the media has become key mechanism of Vucic’s ruling. The reasons are well known: to prevent the public from learning the extent of the damage done by his band and himself to this exhausted society. We found out some of it, but obviously it’s not the point. Classic reasons for hiding and media control are not exactly fit for this situation. A certain specificity that makes it especially vulnerable to criticism characterizes this government. If you try to play a saint and moral perfection, which is completely unsubstantiated in reality, of course you will be vulnerable, because the slightest improvidence will show you true face. With this pretension to play a moral saint, Vucic put himself at the edge; he destabilized himself by playing two completely opposite roles.

This specificity of his power has been noted a long time ago, but never so dramatically like with news about plagiarism of the minister of police. Government’s reaction was too severe, which is proved by the attack against Pescanik website, which published the article about plagiarism. This caused a counter-action of (internet) public, which was also severe, because they jumped at the opportunity to use more than humor to unweave the web of lies about moral perfection. The government could have reacted more mildly by using the usual and effective method to outwit the public – by waiting for the results of incomprehensible investigations. Which are never finished and generally forgotten. These investigations could stretch forever. Just like the investigation about attacks against Pescanik website is not finished.

They didn’t manage to come out of this one, because Vucic’s men were caught red handed. And they have managed to come out of many things so many times before by blocking the public with various complicated spins that are beyond regular person’s comprehension. Sometimes entire Belgrade knows what happened, for example what happened on the raft “Rivera”, but it is enough for many people who don’t want to waste their time trying to decipher a novel published in Politika about that event. It’s the story about the police blackmailing Vucic to force him to resign. I took the effort and realized that Vucic canceled the fact that his son got into a fight with the police and a traitor/goal keeper Stojkovic in the middle of the night. Police note about the fight of his son was dismissed as a set-up in order to force Vucic’s resignation. So, immediate and emergency clean-up of the police, allegedly ruled by “Saric’s men” and idiotic general Papaya, is necessary. All these backstage actions because of the waggish boy weren’t necessary. But they were necessary, if we’re talking about the holy moral character of the prime minister Vucic. He would immediately resign, if his son was the least waggish… and not a role model like his father.

In the middle of those superhuman efforts to preserve Vucic’s moral character, minister of the police’s plagiarism appeared like a bomb. OEBS’ bomb about the censorship had already exploded before that. Unexpectedly and without warning, a perfection bubble burst: manipulation about “protestant power” of Aleksandar Vucic which is so vulnerable every step of the way was evident. We saw that manipulation on vulnerability and holiness was the main mechanism for silencing of the public and censorship. Now the emperor is naked, thanks to those guys from UK universities. Now nobody listens to stories about Vucic’s people being hard-working, working 22 hours a day, loving only Serbia, saving it from evil predecessors, committed to reforms, would never steal, honest… But they are not!

Discovering a false doctorate had an unexpected positive effect. The fear burst, the public awoke and the media dared so much that the newspapers Danas published Pescanik’s article “The last call”. Protests demanding the end of censorship and resignation of the minister-plagiarizer were organized.

They forgot to demand immediate release of Pescanik. We can’t give up on it, it’s too important.

Translated by Marijana Simic

Pešč, 08.06.2014.

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