To quote Tadic, when he was announcing to the locals that some road will be finally constructed: Heaven be praised! B92 news programs have finally introduced that little square where a person interprets in sign language. A small, yet important contribution to reducing discrimination, one would think. But, don’t be fooled! The sign language interpretation has been introduced only (and I repeat: only) in the part of the news program reporting on the electoral activities of parties! I know, I know… I also thought it was a joke, until I saw it with my own eyes. Regardless of the slogan, I still believe my eyes a little more than the eyes of our public broadcaster (RTS).

But so many things that happened to us sounded like jokes, and yet they happened. The more unbelievable, the more probable. As if it was not enough that we were living the jokes, our politicians deemed it wise to start telling us more – maybe to copy Regan, who did this a little bit better (it helps that he was first an actor, and then a president).

The season of “stand-up” comedy was opened by Boris Tadic, with his “here kitty-kitty”. He was followed by Ivica Dacic who made fun of experts. Mladjan Dinkic – prepare yourself.

Truth be told, Tomislav Nikolic was the first to introduce the tradition of telling jokes. And I am not referring to the joke about hunger strike (and thirst strike, Vucic would add), but that joke – to remind Djindjic how Tito also had problems with his leg before he died.

And then he was given advice not to be so deadly serious anymore. Truth be told, he still hasn’t begun telling jokes in the course of his campaign, but he started smiling in the commercials – like he heard a good joke. Maybe the one about a coalition with DS. The joke begins with the survey commissioned by the Open Society Fund, and carried out by the Ipsos Strategic Marketing, according to which only ten percent of citizens and only four percent of the elite (leaders and deputy leaders of parties, representatives of the media, the universities, the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU), NGOs, religious organizations…) believe the Constitution should not be changed. At the same time, 88% do not know why the Kosovo preamble is important, which is good news – since 76% of the elite and 50% of citizens believe that the Kosovo preamble should not even be part of the Constitution.

And how will the elite change the Constitution, reacting to this sudden demand of the people, when a two-thirds majority cannot be reached with the current division of forces? And here comes a great cause – for which all sides will have to make sacrifices. And once again, it would be bad manners to object, because this is the most important state issue.

In the meantime, I am giving away a joke, to be told freely at future public appearances of our politicians, because it reminds me of them so much.

An old lady is complaining to the doctor about her flatulence problems. “Sorry to be blunt, but I fart all the times, sometimes up to two hundred times a day. Luckily, it is silent and does not smell at all”. The doctor writes her a prescription and schedules a control visit in a week. When she comes back, he asks whether there have been any changes. “Well, I still fart all the time, up to two hundred times a day. Luckily, it is still silent, but it started to smell.” Very good, says the doctor, we have unclogged the sinuses; let’s see what we can do about your hearing.

A lesson for our politicians? The fact that you cannot smell your shit, only means that your ego has clogged your sinuses.

Pešč, 20.04.2012.

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Nadežda Milenković

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