When the government publicly predicts who our enemies will be, and which hostile move we should expect – this is called politics. When we do the same thing, then they tell us we are racists and xenophobic. So, where is justice here?

Almost every day, someone from the government informs us who will be working against us in regard to Kosovo, EU or the First World War… And when, in the same manner, we predict the hostile moves by foreigners, in this case, asylum seekers, there is no one to praise us, to thank us for our noble efforts – freezing on the bastions of our municipalities, using our bodies to prevent the passage of those who came to steal, rape and devastate. It is true that we do not have any proof that they would ever commit such crimes, but what proof do politicians have that others will try to destroy us – and yet no one accuses them of being heartless and intolerant?

If someone was to ask us, we would never accuse those in power of imbuing us with mistrust towards others for years. On the contrary, we would proudly say that we are, by nature, astute. They should just look at how we operate on the green markets, if they want to be sure: we can smell potential fraud everywhere – we know when the goods are being overcharged (how can a parsley root cost so much?!), when resellers are pretending to be farmers, when cabbage does not originate from Futog, and the potato does not originate from Ivanjica… We always know, and what is even more important – we always say loud and clear why we do not want to buy something (so it’s not as if we don’t have money, we have principles!). We won’t let anyone scam us for our money. Well, I mean, we did let the Ponzi scheme banks scam us, but hopefully this will not be shoved in our faces forever. Besides, the fact that we trusted so many who conned us, just proves our point that we should trust no one. And the authorities support us in our beliefs.

For that reason, we have now wisened up, and we know in advance who our enemies are, and what dishonorable intentions they have. Asylum seekers will rape, Sonja Biserko will betray, Biljana Srbljanovic will defile what is sacred, Pride Parade will legalize pedophilia, Albanians will enslave us, the European Union will trick us…

Someone may say this is paranoid. We believe that it is preventive. The sooner we start hating someone, the easier it will be for us. Nothing bad even has to happen. We hate in advance.

We hate in advance. We will pay later.

Translated by Bojana Obradovic

Peščanik.net, 09.12.2013.

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