Mayor of Jagodina, who is, at the same time, an MP in the Serbian parliament, and who will not be forced even by the Constitutional Court to give up one of his positions, thus choosing the executive or legislative branch of the government, has been claiming for years that there are no members of the LGBT population in that city. Of course, you don’t need Istinomer to know that he is lying. At least 10% of the population of Jagodina belongs to the LGBT population. The same percentage of LGBT population can be found in the parliament, a kick box club, at a stadium, and wherever you can imagine, and frequently where you cannot. However, the Mayor of Jagodina, who is, at the same time, an MP in the Parliament, and who will not be forced, even by the Constitutional Court… decided to admit that indeed 2 (let’s put it in writing: two) LGBT persons live in Jagodina. Conveniently, both are women and live in a happy relationship, and thus all the other citizens of Jagodina, especially the men, and especially the Mayor, who is, at the same time, an MP… are completely safe. I mean, sexually.

This unfortunately cannot be said for the children in that city. One pedophile was just convicted to the modest prison sentence of four years for the sexual abuse of a girl. After the appeal, his sentence may be reduced (still/even further). Seven more are being tried at this moment. How many pedophiles unknown to the police exist, we don’t know, but this number alone leads to an interesting conclusion – Jagodina officially has four times more pedophiles than lesbians. Then why is there so much complaint about the parade of obviously harmless lesbians, and none about the obviously dangerous pedophiles? Especially when we remember the “key/crucial argument” that, if this parade is not banned, pedophiles will take to the streets next.

At the same time, the Mayor, who is, at the same time… calls on everyone who is against the pride parade to gather together in Jagodina on that day. And the slogan is: “Come as a family and bring your children with you”? No one will touch you. Someone will, however, touch your children.

The Mayor… (the rest, you already know), as journalists like to say: “did not give a statement on this occasion”. Neither did Dveri, Obraz, 1389, Nasi (all right-wing and nationalist organizations), police syndicates, the church, and the traditional protectors of tradition in general. Like they usually give no statements in all the cases of abuse, and especially sexual abuse of women and children. It is not a reason for them to organize a protest march, maybe build a safe house, at least organize a neighborhood patrol to protect a woman or child in peril. One would think that they would at least yell (since they are declaratively against violence) at some bully sexually abusing a child, in order to defend tradition and the overall Serbian identity.

Albeit, no! We are waiting in vain for them to speak and organize. This apparently belongs to the tradition they approve and advocate. And which has been made eternal by traditional Serbian swearwords. To say: (biip!) your child, and, additionally, “bloody child”! And additionally: in the mouth or the ass! This is not offensive, it’s not even a swearword, its more like a figure of speech, used lightly and painlessly when someone or something surprises you. When the hammer slips and hits you on the hand, when the car breaks down unexpectedly, when there is nothing more to drink, when you are surprised by good news…

People who believe this to be normal, normally believe everything else to be abnormal. But it is abnormal that it became normal to give these people equal voting rights. And not only voting rights, but also the right to violence, the right to use their fists and throw rocks., 28.09.2011.

Nadezda Milenkovic – It Is Normal!

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Nadežda Milenković
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Nadežda Milenković

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