His address at the debate held in Kulturni centar (01/24/12) in Belgrade: What remains of freedom?

I have been accused of supporting terrorism and dismissed from the position of the director of the National Library of Serbia because I supported our right to read without any interpretation imposed in advance, without any threat, without any truth imposed in advance. I have supported the right of each one of you to use your own head.

That is what my terrorism is about. And it truly is a mortal danger the system which in these ten years has changed its appearance, but not its nature. There was a conversion of antifascism into anticommunism. But with anticommunism, antifascism disappeared. From self-managed socialism we reached self-managed nationalism. We chose it ourselves, no one imposed it on us. From self-managed deaccumulation of capital, we reached the wild accumulation of capital, we reached a reality-show of ethno-clero-nationalist capitalism. From a one-party dictatorship we reached a multi-party dictatorship. From atheism we reached apparent religiousness.

The system was facing a simple choice. The alternatives in this case were: to be the best student in the class of professor Slobodan Milosevic or the editor of the collected works of Zoran Djindjic. The choice was: to be the member of the ideological board of the Communist and Nationalist League or a member of the Administrative Board of the European Library. The choice was: “Echoes and Reactions” or Walter Benjamin. The choice was: the nightstick or the Library.

The system made its choice, without hesitation, swiftly, in 24 hours. What do you choose?

A warning to the police from a library terrorist: in the hall of the CCB there will be an explosion – not of a bomb, but of all of us present. And we shall win. Because, as you know: whoever attacks writers with a nightstick is defeated and hated from the start; while the one who reads – wins!

Peščanik.net, 25.01.2012.