Dear Mr. President:

We appeal to you in your capacity as the President of the Republic with authority to influence key decisions and governmental policies:

Underlying that the decision of the International Court of Justice specifically obliges Serbia to distance itself from war crimes;

Reminding that on January 15, 2009 the European Parliament adopted a resolution proclaiming July 11 the Remembrance Day for Srebrenica Genocide;

Indicating that the expressed electoral will of citizens of Serbia to have our country in the membership of the European Union makes domestic authorities duty bound to endorse this Resolution;

Strongly convinced that we are all obliged to recognize and pay homage to the victims of the most heinous of all crimes and start building collective memory of all victims of the war crimes committed in the territory of ex-Yugoslavia,

We demand:

Your support to the request to have July 11 commemorated in Serbia too as the Remembrance Day for Srebrenica Genocide and homage to its victims.

Belgrade, February 11, 2009.

Humanitarian Law Center
Women in Black
Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia
Center for Advancement of Legal Studies
Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights
Youth Initiative for Human Rights
The letter is supported by:
Coalition for Tolerance – Against Hate Crimes
Belgrade Center for Human Rights
Sandzak Committee for Human Rights
Sandzak Intellectual Circle
Fund for an Open Society
Queeria Center

Pešč, 06.07.2009.