Republic of Serbia’s 2011 Budget (passed in Parliament on Dec. 29, 2010, published in „Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia“ No. Nr. 101/10) contains interesting information on monies earmarked for the security services on the one, and culture, human rights and anti-corruption bodies, on the other side.

For the comparison purposes, the table below contains data on budget expenditures for Parliament, Foreign Ministry[1] and the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts  (SANU).

TitleSum in RSDSum in €UR[2]
Foreign Ministry5,648,488,000.0054,492,000.3666
Culture Ministry6,121,888,000.0059,059,000.3739
Ministry for Human and Minorities’ Rights508,106,000.004,901,000.8247
Military Security Agency (VBA)733,401,000.007,075,000.3015
Military Intelligence Agency (VOA)614,410,000.005,927,000.3658
Security and Information Agency (BIA – former State Security Service)4,101,386.000.0039,567,000.0893

*  *  *

TitleSum in RSDSum in €UR
Ministry for Human and Minorities’ Rights508,.106,000,004.901.000.8247
Commissioner for Equality96,213,000.00928,000.1907
Lustration Commission48,000.00463.0679
Anti-corruption Agency195,821,000.001,889,000.1338
Commissioner for Free Access to Information126,086,000.001,216,000.3829
Anti-corruption Council24,091,000.00232,000.4118
Total (Human Rights Anti-corruption)1,099,710,000.0010,608,001.1754
Total VOA + VBA + BIA5,449,699,000.0052,574,000.5997

Dušan Bogdanović

„Biljana Kovačević-Vučo“ Fund

Pešč, 12.03.2011.


  1.  Overall costs, including diplomatic and consular network abroad.
  2.   Middle exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia on March 9, 2011: €1 = 103.6565 RS