„Many of you will ask why I am writing this. Why, if I myself was not called out. Well, I was. Because this illiterate larva called out my favorite writer, my favorite film director, my favorite columnist. She attacked my Church, my Army, she attacked everything I love, appreciate, respect and acknowledge. She attacked everything I am willing to die for.”
(Milorad Ulemek attacking Sonja Biserko,
Kurir, October 6th, “Calling out the brown-noser”)

When the daily Kurir published Milorad Ulemek’s yokelish letter, in which a man convicted of the worst crimes joined an organized attack on Sonja Biserko, the final link was found – the importance of The Helsinki Committee’s brave act really became clear. I will not get into the analysis of a despicable frame-up, where the lists which the distinguished professors made THEMSELVES – by signing petitions in support of war criminals or The Hague’s wanted men – were named “blacklists”. I will not talk about how shameful it is to assault this woman, based on national discrimination, defamations, ad hominem attacks, publishing her home address, all of which created the possibility for what unfortunately did happen today – physical threats, waiting for her in front of her apartment building, and a perfectly real insecurity in which Sonja Biserko is now forced to live. Yesterday, when a newspaper published – in an article entitled “A Lesbian Retaliator” – the correct home address, apartment number and the year of birth of Sonja Biserko’s FATHER, the call for the mob-lynching was broadened to include members of her family, especially the ones whose age guarantee the victim’s physical helplessness. The Ministry of Information (and Culture) with its pointless minister, naturally did not react. Neither did The Ministry of the Interior.

Then this morning the final step was made – the letter published in Kurir, in which that executioner, Ulemek, openly makes threats against Sonja Biserko.

The signature read “Milorad Ulemek, detainee”. Ulemek is not a detainee, he is not detained – he is in prison. He was sentenced to over 100 years in prison for heinous crimes, which include the assassination of prime minister Zoran Đinđić. According to law, he does not have the right to communicate with the public, especially to voice his opinion in the media, particularly not with threats.

“The detainee”, as Kurir falsely presents Ulemek, has written a surprisingly unintelligent text. Not only is it vulgar, primitive and yokelish, but it also reveals a fairly dumb man, which only proves what we had all known for years – Ulemek was simply not capable to devise by himself a coup which was started with the prime minister’s assassination. This is a stupid, extremely limited man, who with this violent letter, signature and especially the part I cited in the introduction had brought himself and his media confederates and protectors in the governing structures into an impossible situation.

First of all – I suppose that there is no reason or excuse for at least two ministries not to react. The Ministry of Culture should finally act and adequately punish Kurir for this and other systematic writings in this mobster newspaper that is spreading the false theory how foreign agencies, with the assistance of Đinđić’s colleagues, were in fact responsible for the assassination, and that Ulemek and others – whose appeal against their conviction for organizing and assassinating Đinđić is being considered by the Supreme Court – had been falsely accused and are in fact innocent. The Ministry of the Interior should now find out how Ulemek’s writings appeared in the media, whose responsibility that is and who is to blame.

This, of course, will not happen. Because there is nothing left in this country – there is no politics, no public opinion, no law and no conscience. As part of a national reconciliation and unity about the idea that everything is politics and that every kind of compromise is allowed, there is no one left to protest. The media law does not exist, and even if that funny minister wanted something done – there is nothing for him to follow. When the money for organizing and running of all parties is coming from the same financial center, would anyone really be surprised to discover that the same financiers are in one way or another behind every tabloid trash, ranches with rangers, columnist hunt, hired killers, publishers who publish Ulemek’s favorite writers – but his books too, would anyone be surprised if the murderer wrote down in his lexicon which Delta shopping mall he likes best, but also the names of his favorite opposition leader, favorite ambassador or favorite retired politician?

Solidarity with Sonja Biserko in this and every other case of organized battue is perfectly natural for me. I stand by her, I support her right to freedom of speech, to critical notes of the Serbian society’s disease, I support the demands for her physical protection, and for the violators – from the media and in the shadows on her doorsteps – to be identified, arrested and adequately punished.

Tomislav Nikolić knows well why he is seeking and getting police protection and from whom, just as he knew at the time when he publicly anticipated Đinđić’s death, when Šešelj temporarily departed for The Hague, and he was left to wait for the bullet leading to the national government. Sonja Biserko does not have this protection – instead of Dačić’s cops she can only call her friends to protect her from violence.

I will use this opportunity to say that I want to be counted among them.

Still, this is not only the case of Sonja Biserko and her right to freedom of speech. What is most important for me in this final step is that Ulemek has proven himself to be someone who simply is not capable of planning, organizing and assassinating the prime minister, or of any other crime that he is committed for. This dumb man had with his pointless attack once again shown that he was only a soldier of somewhat smarter and equally dangerous people, who had planned and carried out the assassination, came to power because of it and unlike the executioners – remained free.

Ulemek’s lexicon is therefore not important – the columnist, director and writer are in their stuffy circles probably honored that the murderer of several dozens of people publicly proclaims his love of them. They really are made for each other – stupid Milorad and his thinkers – this love is natural, ineluctable and beautiful.

What matters is that in the eyes of the public the pieces are finally falling together. What the Special Court did not have the strength to investigate fully can no longer be kept from surfacing. The brain of the operation is somewhere else, unpunished, not confined, not questioned, and untouched.

I believe that he is in the ex-prime minister’s cabinet. And now I’m waiting for the court to issue a warrant so I can prove this supposed libel. For this purpose I will put forward the numerous facts which led me to believe this to be the case, I will state my defense which would require the summoning of the offended to finally appear as witnesses. They will have to talk about themselves, their role in the assassination, their associations with the convicted members of the Zemun clan and of the political advantage, motives and reasons to have the human scum – Ulemek, Jovanović and the gang – commit a horrible crime.

Stupid Ulemek – he has shown his cards too soon. He will take down with him those who think they are smarter than him.

Translated by Ivica Pavlović

Peščanik.net, 06.10.2008.