Photo: Predrag Trokicic
Photo: Predrag Trokicic

Several dozen Serbian heroes, in the presence of the authorities, celebrated the “most joyous Christian holiday” in Borca with a racist attack on a local baker. A pig’s head, a leftover from Easter lunch, was brought in front of the bakery, together with the traditional Kosmet hymn “Kill, slaughter, till the Shqiptars are no more”. Although, according to the minister of police, nothing bad happened (“Not a single incident happened at the gathering, not even a single window was broken”), his boss Aleksandar Vucic said that the events from Borca “bother him” and reminded us, once again, that he has “changed my opinion on this issue and I’m not ashamed to talk about it”.

However, his SNS was not among the parties which condemned this shameful attack, and his minister of police said that “manipulations regarding the protest in front of the bakery owned by an Albanian were a pitiful attempt to gain political points”. The president of the Municipality of Palilula, who happens to be a high-ranking SNS official, also had nothing to say about the attack against his fellow citizen. Even Vucic himself labeled several independent Serbian journalists from Kosovo as legitimate targets the very same day, by calling them “a media agency network, paid by foreigners to destroy the unity of the Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija”. If we remember that info portal KoSSev’s offices were already shot at with an automatic weapon, that their car was set on fire, its journalists and their families threatened and that all this happened in a city where Oliver Ivanovic was executed, with this statement the president of all Serbs returned to the shameful days of his political youth when he regularly threatened journalists and called them traitors. One such journalist was also killed in Belgrade on “the most joyous Christian holiday”.

Vucic said that what happened in Borca was “an internal conflict in one of the parties I call fascist”. If Dveri, whom Vucic obviously had in mind, are fascists because of Borca, because they broke into the RTS building, and because its “members beat women”, one can easily say that the president of Serbia is a fascist, too. Because he is the leader of a party with war criminals for members (Sljivancanin), his ministry of defense promotes a book by a war criminal (Pavkovic), his ministers line up to greet a war criminal returning from the Hague (Lazarevic), his Jutka is a sexual predator, his president of the Municipality of Grocka orders a local journalist’s house to be set on fire, his head of parliamentary club, his ministers, his local officials and his media threaten and insult political opponents, etc.

As seen many times before, Vucic continued with his balanced politics: pouring gas with one hand and fixing his fireman’s hat with the other.

Several opposition and so-called opposition parties condemned the violence in Borca, too. These include those who said that they were appalled by pigs’ heads, while closely cooperating with a government which, among other things, practically shut down war crimes proceedings.

The Free Citizens’ Movement (PSG) was one of those who spoke up regarding the latest chauvinistic outbursts. “We feel that such acts which endanger safety are impermissible in the society we want Serbia to become”, says the movement headed by Sergej Trifunovic. Only a few days earlier, in an interview in NIN, the PSG leader demonstrated his attitude on violence by explaining how the Srebrenica genocide happened.

According to his own admission, Trifunovic knows little about politics, but he’s keen to learn from the more experienced. And who’s more experienced and competent to talk about genocide than Biljana Plavsic?

Here’s how Trifunovic explained the genocide: “Whether you call Srebrenica a ‘genocide’ or a ‘massacre’ is only a matter of numbers. Srebrenica happened thanks to Alija Izatbegovic, when Clinton called Alija and asked if he wanted an international intervention. I do, said Alija. Are you ready to make sacrifices? I’m ready. That gnome who sold out his own people and our gnome who slaughtered those people are equally to blame. What’s the difference between them?”

Our actor obviously prefers the script written by war criminals and their lawyers. Biljana Plavsic: “Clinton said: America will support the Muslims and join the war; we will bomb the Serbs if you allow the chetniks to enter Srebrenica. And there can’t be fewer than 5,000 victims, he told Alija Izatbegovic. And Alija reported on that to the war presidency, I read those minutes. A Croat gave me those minutes in The Hague and my lawyer couldn’t get it. He said: this is worth 20,000 marks. Oh well, I said, I didn’t have that much money and I thought it wasn’t important.”

Before Trifunovic and Biljana Plavsic, these minutes were also read by Zdravko Tolimir (sentenced to life in prison) who said that Srebrenica is a consequence of “a deal between American president Clinton and Alija Izetbegovic to provoke NATO intervention by sacrificing 5,000 Bosnians,” and Mitar Kovac, a military expert from Mladic’s defense team who knows that “Srebrenica was designed to prepare the international public to accept ethnic cleansing of Serbs from Croatia and Bosnian Krajina in late 1995.” This was a “cover up for the continuation of genocide against Serbs started in World War II”.

We don’t know how many other people got ahold of this infamous and poorly kept document before the PSG leader, but the erstwhile dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, Radmilo Marojevic (who is known for firing several teachers who opposed implementation of Milosevic’s Law on Universities, including Ranko Bugarski, Vladeta Jankovic, and Nikola Milosevic), is also among that number.

As a defense witness for Vinko Pandurevic, Marojevic analyzed the combat reports of the former commander of Zvornicka brigade and concluded that not only is Pandurovic not a criminal, but that “the Serbs were entrapped into committing genocide” in Srebrenica in 1995. He admitted that he knows very little about the events in Srebrenica, but that he knows everything about “the new world order” and the plan for Serbs made by Clinton and Izetbegovic in 1995.

It is unclear why the actor who chose the “Genocide trap” scenario, added with resignation in a NIN interview that “it was the president who put up the Ratko Mladic Boulevard sticker”, if, according to Trifunovic’s understanding, Mladic is only a side character in a bloody play orchestrated by Bill Clinton’s demonic mind.

“I don’t know who is worse – these civil-rightists or those misguided nationalists – said one of the leaders of the Serbian opposition in the same interview – they are all an impediment of the Serbian nation. They are all the same shit”. So far, it’s only clear that, for Trifunovic, Mladic and Karadzic are merely “misguided nationalists”, that they belong to the “second Serbia” and that he wants them to “go screw themselves” and leave him and Biljana Plavsic alone on the lookout for the Serbian nation.

With a government that doesn’t see the events in Borca as even a public disturbance, and an opposition which condemns verbal lynching while using the words of the perpetrators to justify Srebrenica massacre, various borcas can’t be seen as unique excesses – they are inevitable.

Translated by Marijana Simic

Pešč, 15.05.2019.