Opposition's Treaty with people of Serbia

Opposition’s Treaty with people of Serbia, photo: Predrag Trokicic

Did you know that Darwin’s theory of evolution is a piece of pseudoscience that was planted by the Illuminati oligarchy in order to enslave mankind? You didn’t? Then you certainly don’t know that Freud’s psychoanalysis is a “means of Luciferian manipulation,” that the Rolling Stones were “devil-inspired”, that John Lennon was “a fan of Lucifer”, or that the name of the American band KISS was in fact an acronym standing for the phrase “Knights in Satan’s Service”.

But worry not, you can learn all that and much more about the Illuminati and Satanic conspiracies from the oeuvre of Vladimir Dimitrijevic, a notorious publicist from the town of Cacak, author of books with titles like “From Elvis to Anti-Madonna: Christianity and the music revolution”, “From St. Sava to George Soros” and “The Homintern and the Gaystapo”.1

If you have no time to catch up on the bibliography of this prominent Christian publicist and member of the far right Dveri movement’s political council, do not despair – you will have the opportunity to hear him live on Saturday, March 9 from the stage of the #1of5million rally.

According to TV N1: “The participants of the #1of5million rally in Belgrade will occupy the entrance to the Radio Television of Serbia on Saturday, March 9 for an hour. This warning siege is planned under the slogan: We have watched you long enough, now you will watch us. “Since the management of the public broadcaster refuses to allow truth into its news program, we will show them what the news of free Serbia look like,” organizers said. The gathering will start at 6 pm at the Faculty of Philosophy Plaza, where publicist Vladimir Dimitrijevic will address the rally.”

The series of protests dubbed #1of5million have had this problem for some time – the problem is a persistent disagreement between the majority of protestors gathered to raise their voice against the regime’s usurpation of institutions, the media blackout and the destruction of democracy on one side, and on the other the Alliance for Serbia (SzS) trying to articulate this civic dissatisfaction into a political platform, but failing to listen to what the citizens are saying. Citizens shout “Vucic is a thief!”, SzS hears Kosovo is Serbia. Citizens demand democracy, freedom, free healthcare and education for all, and SzS responds – we got it, abolish compulsory vaccination.

How long will this broken telephone game last? Until the opposition elites realize that their duty is not to dictate their own ideological fixations and obsessions to the citizens, but to listen to what the citizens tell them and take notes. Or until the citizens realize that they have simply dialed the wrong number and that they should call someone else.

Translated by Milica Jovanovic

Peščanik.net, 11.03.2019.


  1. Translator’s note: Homophobic puns refer to the Communist International (Comintern) and the Nazi secret police.