I admit, I don’t understand the Nikolaidis case, much less the related Ugricic case, for me it’s all a storm in a glass of water.

However, what I do find worrisome is the case of Dacic who just recently issued a statement according to which (1) the letter written by Nikolaidis is an act of terrorism, (2) the support letter signed by Ugricic constitutes an act of assisting terrorism, so that (3) Ugricic should bear the legal consequences for his act, that is, (4) get arrested.

If this is the official position of the Minister, it’s wrong. After all, Ivica Dacic is not a lawyer.

The point is that, under the Constitution, Minister Dacic is allowed to express his opinion on this subject only in official report submitted to the Public Prosecutor, and only in order to notify the Prosecutor that, in the opinion of the Police, a crime of a kind prosecuted ex officio has been committed. At this point, all activities of the Police must stop.

The competent government authority, that is the Public Prosecutors office, would then decide what to do with this report, namely to reject it, or undertake prosecution. In the letter case, the Prosecutor would have to raise formal charges, the court would have to examine whether the indictment is based on law. The trial would have to take place, specific crime determined, and the adequate punishment delivered. Maybe even a jail sentence.

Dacic finds all this bothersome. It’s too complicated, since he can do it all by himself – qualify the specific crime and bring the verdict of an imprisonment. What’s the point of being a Minister if you can’t do things your way.

Such conduct of Minister Dacic represents, of course, an abuse of power as well as unconstitutional pressure on the judiciary, which are both serious violations of the basic constitutional principle of division of power. This is what we have been criticized for by European Union for years. It seems as if the Minister has never read the Constitution further than its Preamble.

Peščanik.net, 23.01.2012.

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