An ice age will come, plague and other pestilence will plunder, tyrannosaurs will appear, meteors will fall, all male Serbs will walk upside down, our children will be born black and women will have mustaches…

All of this will happen if the liberal economic concept wins.

But, that’s not the worst that will strike us.

If the liberal concept wins – aaaaah!! – there will be no pensions, jobs will be lost, there will be no medical care and teachers will be fired. This is how Milan Krkobabic, a nouveau “Laki Topalovic” (Topalovic family, movie “The Marathon Family”, starring Bata Stojkovic), the deputy leader of the famous political dynasty PUPS (grandfather Jovan, son Milan and grandson Stefan) and head of state company “Serbian Post”, scares citizens of Serbia.

In the heat of the election campaign, which the Family considers to be a decisive battle for life, “Laki” sent out “urbi et orbi” mythical manipulation: “Pensioners should think carefully, because the issue of pensions is opened, since “irresponsible adventurist” could ask for reduction of budget expenditure by cutting pensions”.

The “middle” Krkobabic follows in the footsteps of “Milutin Topalovic”, i.e. his daddy Jovan Krkobabic.

During the 1990s, daddy “Milutin” was a key person who helped Slobodan Milosevic rob the Pension Fund, and spend that money on his war antics. Jovan Krkobabic was declared the biggest culprit for the misery of hundreds of thousands of pensioners whose pensions he squandered on insane war campaigns. Today, he and his family/political clan “sell” the care for pensioners as their party’s program at political market and treat the citizens of Serbia as idiots who “slowly remember and quickly forget”.

When he triumphantly joined Mirko Cvetkovic’s government after 2008 elections, Jovan Krkobabic, the leader of new “Topalovics”, at the very first meeting (fulfilling his campaign promise) took half a billion euros from the state budget to raise pensions and, thus, knocked the biggest nail in the coffin of Tadic’s government.

“Laki” and “Milutin” Krkobabic kept up with the successful business policy of their family company “Eternal Inn” (movie version, “The Marathon Family”) during the previous government, which comes down to a simple recipe – “the state can now be buried faster and easier and the goal is to preserve as much revenue share as possible”.

The latest example of reckless behavior of the new Topalovics is a proclamation (wow, a PROCLAMATION, right in the middle of technical government’s mandate) of technical deputy prime minister and minister of labor Jovan Krkobabic, by which he usurped the power in Pension Fund by placing his “human resource” as Chairman of the Board and by preventing Serbian Employers’ Union to place their candidate (based on rotation system and agreements). “Behind that PUPS’s act lies a desperate attempt to keep thousands of square meters owned by PF at their disposal”, said Slavenko Grgurevic, former deputy chairman of PF Board and Employers’ Union and a candidate for Chairman of the Board.

Grgurevic claims that the latest report of State Audit Institution (on fiddling with housing loans) identifies only a small part of irregularities at PF that still remain unknown to the state auditor.

Lascivious business strategy of Krkobabic dynasty comes down to a few simple principles:

– the state borrows money and takes credits all over the world and we use that money to generously pay pensions,

– we spend state money for promotion of our family-political company,

– we employ family members and party friends wherever we can (especially at the Post and PF),

– we use state money to finance municipal pensioners clubs that work for our family-political company,

– we participate in every lucrative state business regarding property of PF, especially specialized hospitals and spas…

Thanks to such a “business plan” of resurrected Topalovics, Serbia found itself at the brink of “burning in their crematorium”, i.e. at the brink of bankruptcy, at least twice in the last decade.

The new Serbian Topalovics would like to continue “sucking blood” of the state without fear of its euthanasia and are prepared to offer full burial service to the bereaved family (working class and citizens of Serbia) – coffin, crematorium, burial place and tombstone and, if needed, they will order – tears.

The popular Wikipedia describes the situation in Serbia during the period presented in the movie “The Marathon Family” and “business” methods of Topalovic clan as: “The Balkan version of American gangsters”.

Krkobabics are afraid of any change, especially a change of long ruling state-centered economic politics (which brought Serbia to the brink of disaster) which they helped create. That is why they fear liberalism, so they abusively define it as plague and bogeyman to scare the citizens. This dynastic party would like to hibernate the current status quo and continue to parasite on the dying state by keeping the rights, privileges and “participation” in lucrative deals with state property and capital. Krkobabics, just like in a bitter satire, cry crocodile tears over the poor people while they waste public money on founding municipal pensioners clubs (that become hotbeds of retired Milosevic’s human resources), throw parties and organize travels, lobby and collect signatures for PUPS, give housing loans at PF…

If the economic policy of Krkobabic-Topalovic company “Eternal Inn” should continue after these elections, chances are that the state will end up in a crematorium (bankruptcy). Such a warning came to the government a few days ago from one of the friendly EU member states. It says that economic analysts of that country’s government predict a very dark close future for Serbia – failure of state finances could begin in the fourth quarter of this year and last for the next three years.

According to all “Topalovics” and Krkobabics, liberals are a real danger to all gravediggers of Serbia. Liberals are not those who abolish pensions, jobs, education and medical care. That “plague” is reserved for Krkobabics and soon everyone will be able to see harmful consequences of their family-political company’s business.

And an economic policy that tries to deprive politicians of power and worries about every public penny (catastrophically identified as “liberalism” by the Krkobabics) only wishes to abolish “the Balkan version of American gangsters” disguised as looking after pensioners and the working class.

Translated by Marijana Simic

Pešč, 12.02.2014.