Serbia: Frequently Asked Questions, Austrian Cultural Forum, New York, NY 2010

I hardly could believe that exhibition FAQ Serbia might please plebeian taste of the greater part of old/new Serbian Diaspora in New York. On the other hand, and no less important, a majority of artworks on the exhibition aren’t created as embellish commodities immediately ready to be launch on the (local) art market. Few déja vu artworks still play boring and mostly abroad wishful political activism, pretending in a front of less inform viewers or less bona fides people that Milosevic regime or his camarilla are still alive in Serbia.

Nevertheless, Mister Andrea Stadler, his team and Mister Branko Dimitrijevic have made great job.

Todosijevic Rasa, Sept.30. 2010 Beograd

Pešč, 01.10.2010.