Who is calling for a Serbian March 2008 in Belgrade

The organizations “Krv i čast” and “Nacionalni stroj”, supported by the local branch of Stormfront are announcing a gathering on October 11th, on the plateau in front of the Faculty of Philosophy, and they are calling it “Serbian March 2008”. These organizations are well known for advocating an ideology of racial supremacy, glorifying Nazism and anti-Semitism, preaching about “the Aryan race”, “pure nation” and publishing works of Nazi leaders, such as speeches of Adolf Hitler.

On the same day in the “Dom sindikata” hall, organizations “1389”, “Srpske dveri”, “Nomokanon” and “Svetozar Miletić” announced their own gathering. All four of those organizations deny any connection with the announced march, its organizers and the ideas they are promoting. However, together with the movement “Serbian nationalists” they will be gathering on the Republic Square in protest over the arrest and extradition of Radovan Karadžić. That same day marks the 54th birthday of the defendant in Hague Vojislav Šešelj.

This is the first time that all of these organizations are acting in unison. The question is whether groups that are united in this way could be considered part of organized crime and whether in that case the Special Prosecutor for Organized Crime has the grounds to indict them.

Commenting on the address of the LDP to The Ministry of Interior, calling for the banning of the gathering, the representative of the largest parliamentary party, Nada Kolundžija, said that it is necessary to first determine whether the organizations that announced the gathering are really Neo-Nazis.

“The competent authorities should first determine whether this is the case or not. If it turns out to be true, these kinds of organizations are forbidden and it is not a question of their gathering, but whether those organizations should exist.”

What kind of march is it?

The idea of Serbian March 2008 is discussed by the administrator on the message board of the organization Krv i čast.

“We are the citizens of our country, we all pay taxes which finance the police and all the other state institutions in Serbia. If Serbia is a democratic state then anyone is free to state their ideas freely and publicly, and if those ideas are not in accordance with the law, the police we are paying is there to stop those people, right? Neither we, nor anyone else in Serbia, should allow some thugs to instruct us on what we can or cannot do in our country, as long as we are not breaking the law – no one can touch us.

The Serbian March is a manifestation of Serbian nationalists, a march for a united Serbia against all sorts of separatism in Serbia. The Serbian nationalists in the Serbian March will publicly show their position that Serbia should not be divided and that the Serbian nationalists will not allow anyone to divide Serbia into some provinces and some imaginary independent states. Anyone who says different is a liar and a fraud.”

Meet the organizers


The movement Krv i čast is a political organization for an “ideological education and propaganda, as well as for gathering the National Socialists under one flag, for forming the National Socialist community of the Aryan way of life. ”The Serbian division of Krv i čast was officially founded in 1995 with the approval of Blood & Honour/Combat 18 from England. Krv i čast considers itself a political organization, and considers race and Aryan values to be their main postulates. Members of Krv i čast believe that they “must make sure our own nation survives and our white children have a future”. The methods which include violence and crime for reaching their goals the members of this organization defend by the maxim “the ends justify the means”.

“Race is the only thing that unites us, everything else without racial awareness does not lead to harmony but to conflicts between the European nations. Race was the foundation of every civilization and race-mixing was their downfall. The last two thousand years of history prove that. Race is a biological factor which is inherent and which signifies our own identity. Eugenics is the possibility for race advancement. Any religion, ideology or stat can be destroyed and resurrected, but if blood is mixed and race is destroyed, there is no turning back or renewal.”

Zoran Djindjic was for them a traitor and a Judeo-Masonic servant who did his job well and who was then “wiped out and thrown away like an old rag by his international masters, so things would not get out of hand”. Radovan Karadžić is for the members of Krv i čast a great Serbian hero who firmly stood up for his people’s interest and who is paying the price for his loyalty to the nation.

Concerning the gathering that is announced for October 11th, the organizers say:

The following things are expected from all the patriots who will join the gathering:

-no one should wear any ideological or party insignia

-no one is to make any unnecessary noise or behave inappropriately

-if you bring Serbian flags, they should be on poles

-because of they are manipulating the truth, all media representatives should be avoided, before, during and after the gathering

-provokers and all those who want to start incidents are unwelcome!

On this organization’s website there are recordings of Hitler’s speeches, books, brochures and magazines that promote anti-Semitism, racism and Nazism.


The followers of Nacionalni stroj claim to be members of a political organization of propagandist and educational nature, which is founded on the idea of national freedom, social justice and racial identity. The goal of this organization is “preservation and renewal of the sound values in the Serbian nation as a part of the white race, and the spiritual, intellectual and bodily improvement of every individual of our nation”. Nacionalni stroj has no official office or PO Box, contacts are made in person – on recommendation or by e-mail. This organization’s statute strictly prohibits publishing photographs or names of its members, and activists must be “adult whites of Aryan race”.

Nacionalni stroj calls on its members to form their own groups (cells) and act following the organizations instructions and accordingly its statute and program. These are some pieces of advice that Nacionalni stroj gives its members:

-Learn to use and maintain all the weapons you have

-Visit the gatherings of our enemies and record what they are doing

-If they attack you on the street, fight to your last breath. Let the enemy know that we are not to be messed with

-Try to be physically ready and practice recreational running and lifting weights

-Study martial arts and be persistent

-Only marry an individual with healthy world views

-Take you children and your acquaintances to our national museums and art museums

-Speak to Serbian nationalists and rouse their racial awareness

-Study history, find the repeated lies and present the facts about our people

The organization considers printed and electronic media must be under state control, and that all treasonable and the foreign-financed media which act against the national interest should be prohibited. However, they advocate animal rights, gender equality and the interests of youth.

Nacionalni stroj has many times stated publicly that the organization has no leader, and that Goran Davidović (one of the most prominent members of the organization) speaks only in his behalf, and not for the organization, because its conception is “resistance without a leader”.

“Resistance without a leader” offers an organization made by many cells (up to 5 people), which act independently from one another and  do not report to anyone. They have no leader – they are led by the same cause, they have no official membership – because they are not aware of one another, it is all done in utmost secrecy and on their own responsibility. Also, “resistance without a leader” advocates the “lone wolf” tactics, where an individual acts alone and assumes all responsibility. “This is also the safest method, because it all depends on you”, says Krv i čast.  “resistance without a leader” is regarded by all similar organizations to be an only alternative of direct action, because the members feel that “we are living in a world where everything is being followed, wiretapped and recorded”


Stormfront calls itself “a community of white nationalists and all other people interested in a survival of the white race”. Stormfront’s international website is full of Nazi and pro-fascist materials, messages and calls for racial war. The Stormfront message board is divided into regional-linguistic subforums. Among them, one of the most active subforums is Stormfront Srbija, with over 88.000 posts in 2007.

Bonus track – the best known nationalist organizations

The representatives of these organizations deny their participation in organizing the Serbian March 2008. It remains to be seen how the members and sympathizers will act in regard to the gathering, especially if we keep in mind that some of these organizations and associations have announced a gathering in Belgrade on the same day.


Obraz is a political organization with a widespread membership and the support of the Russian “Obraz” from Moscow. The list of “Serbian enemies” is long, and the organization left each of its enemies a personal message on their website, saying they will fight them by all means necessary. They say that they are “an Orthodox-Christian collective organization, and not a party, because we do not believe in the pluralism of interests in the Serbian people, but in its collectivity, n a unified system of values and a common destiny for all Serbs.” They see their role models in “god-fearing and honest Serbian men and women, our forefathers and contemporaries, who knew that politics was a holly and tremendous service to the people and state and they acted accordingly”.

This movement does not limit the struggle for freedom and wellbeing of the Serbian people to the territory of Serbia but spreads the wellbeing “of our people, which claims right to all the Serbian homelands, from Kupa to Vardar and from the Danube to the Adriatic Sea.”

The significance of the historical moment which Serbia and Serbs are in today is not lost to the followers of this movement. They face up to the challenges of the third millennium with all its temptations – “During the last fifteen years there were more significant events than in all previous epochs of Serbian and world history. Most of what happened was not good. But still, we in Obraz believe that the temptations we are faced with are not against us but for us, so as each of us could show his real face, to make our people proud”.


This is an association of citizens which promotes the idea of Serbian nationalism and Great Serbia. They are the organizers of the daily protests on the Republika Square against the apprehension of Radovan Karadžić. On this association’s website you can follow the news of Vojislav Šešelj’s trial in The Hague, as well as the activities of the Serbian Radical Party officials. They also have the bibliography of the Radical leader, a rich archive of Serbian nationalist songs, books, articles and a video archive. What’s especially interesting is the forum, where Serbian nationalists “from the country and abroad” are gathering, commenting on the daily events, but also organizing events, such as the celebration of General Ratko Mladić’s birthday.


The “1389” movement was founded in October 2004, with a goal to “channel and gather the significant but somewhat chaotic energy of several acquaintances and friends and to raise the existing patriotic endeavors to a higher organizational level.” As reason for their existence, the members of the 1389 movement cite that “the Serbian people is in a big biological, moral, economic and every other kind of crisis and that it will have to take its fate  into its own hands, to either break away from apathy or place one foot in the grave. It is absolutely clear that unfortunately there is not an individual or an institution that could (or want to) lead the nation by the strength of their authority or charisma, so we all have to wonder – what can I do for my homeland?”

The basic grounds on which the movement acts are: patriotism, Orthodox-Christian religion, unity, maintaining the purity and richness of the Serbian language, Cyrillic alphabet, family values, state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Serbia. The movement outlined a special code of conduct for their actions. Besides acting publicly, member equality, inner solidarity and other rules, the movement promotes the methods of non-violent and lawful actions “we strongly reject violence, we teach our young members to put reason above passion, to think long term, to learn from other people’s mistakes, to learn from other people’s mistakes, to be politically mature despite their young age, to be Orthodox-Christian in their actions too, because violence does not solve anything, but only deepens the problems and creates bad blood and counter effects, we respect the state and its laws, following Jesus Christ’s teachings and in doing that we strive to gain authority and respect of the people in the long run.”

The members of Movement 1389 are the authors of the actions “Safe House for Ratko Mladic – the list of collaborators keeps growing!”, “Ratko Mladić Boulevard” and the action of writing the graffiti “EU? No, thanks!”


Srpski sabor Dveri is an association of citizens which was founded on the public discussions and promotions of a magazine called Dveri srpske, which is a “national publication of the Students of Serbistics and in time it became the voice of all Orthodox-Christian and nationally oriented students at the University of Belgrade. Today Dveri srpske is an academic magazine “of the new generation of Serbian national intelligentsia”. Over time Srpski sabor Dveri became an association which gathers “those young people which see meaning and space for their social actions in the teachings of St. Sava and the way of life in accordance to those teachings” The association Srpski sabor Dveri was founded so that the Serbian youth could get to know each other and connect on the basis of a clerical world view.

This association presented their work in dozens of places in Belgrade and they organized over 100 public discussions on various literary, cultural, artistic, political, clerical and historical subjects on the Faculty of Philosophy and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade. On Thursdays, Mašinac (a club at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering) is “the most popular gathering place for the youth of Belgrade and the most important Orthodox-National forum in Serbia.”

The magazine and the association were presented in over 200 public discussions and local TV stations in small towns in Serbia, Montenegro, Republic of Srpska, as well as several Orthodox Church Communities in Europe and America.

The publications of Dveri srpske can be found in all major Serbian cities, in bookstores and Orthodox Church’s shops.


The association of students of the Faculty of Law Nomokanon is an organization which assembles the Faculty of Law’s students and professor. They stand for a reaffirmation of values laid out in the Zakonopravilo of Saint Sava. The association got its name from this collection of oldest state and church laws. Founded in 2002, this association acts on the Faculty of Law in Belgrade since that year, and it is in the process of founding other associations on other Law Schools, in the country and abroad. Nomokanon tries to advance the student life, the teaching quality and legal studies. They organize numerous forums and lectures which they consider to be the most important extracurricular activities at the University in Belgrade.

They drew the public’s attention in 2005 by organizing a public discussion on Srebrenica, called “10 years since Srebrenica’s liberation”., and later renamed to “The truth about Srebrenica”.


The program of the movement states the “in the last decade of the 20st century, based on decades of their actions, the secessionists forces prevailed in the ex-SFRY. Unfortunately, they are also carrying out a powerful assault at the beginning of the 21st century.

According to the movement, the Serbian people is in a difficult situation, while its survival is shaken to the ground, and the processes of breaking the national corpus jeopardize the Serbian national and biological being ant that is why “This time forces upon us an obligation to renew the strength of the Serbian spirit. Srpski narodni pokret Svetozar Miletić has a goal to establish and preserve the people’s unity in Serbia, around Serbia and for the Serbian state. The movement will work on the spiritual and material strengthening of Serbs, on their defense, nurturing and developing our national identity and integrity”.


From a letter by the student at the Faculty of Law

I was present when a professor talked about how the LDP was anti-constitutional and wanted us to chant how Čeda was a psychopath (sad but true), as well as B92 being an anti-Serbian TV station. The exams are used to spread conspiracy theories, the professors speak of conscious and “unconscious” Serbs. NGO’s (they are mentioning Women in Black, Nataša Kandić, Sonja Biserko) are presented as foreign mercenaries. Many textbooks are really clericalized, like the faculty itself (visit the website and you’ll see for yourself). It’s not rare that some professor uses the term “shiptar”. What characterizes the atmosphere on the faculty is hatred and fear.

What is also unacceptable is the fact that many professors speak of Nomokanon as a democratic association which fights for students’ rights. I’d like to remind you of Nataša Kandić’s appearance on YouTube.

What is most disturbing is that all the public discussions of these organizations (Nomokanon, Dveri, Obraz, 1389) are held with the blessing of highest officials of Faculty of Law in Belgrade (handing out flyers, messages on message boards). As far as I know, according to our positive law, criminal association, spreading national, religios and other hatred is forbidden.

Letter from Aranđelovac

The depiction of Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s notorious chief of propaganda, appeared on the main street in Aranđelovac. The posters were put up by the citizens association Naši from Aranđelovac.

The poster depicts Goebbels with a lifted finger and the sentence “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it” with a B92 logo at the bottom.

“This is a sign of our protest against the reports of B92 and an artistic illusion to the actions of this media corporation” said Ivan Ivanović, the president of Naši.

The same posters were put up in Topola, and Zrenjanin, and they will appear in Belgrade one of these days, announced Ivanović.

The association Naši and TV B92 are “old enemies” since the well known incident on December 3rd of last year in Aranđelovac, when Naši stopped the public recording of the radio show Peščanik, in Dom kulture.

Ivan Ivanović published a book about the event “The Aranđelovac case “Peščanik” – we are all Naši”, which he successfully presented in Belgrade.

Peščanik.net, 02.10.2008.