User’s photos, Ivana Karić

User’s photos, Ivana Karić

On January 20th CNN reported on a blog post by famous linguist and intellectual Noam Chomsky, where he unfortunately compares the terrorist attack against the Charlie Hebdo magazine, with the NATO bombing of the Serbian Television (RTS) in April 1999. Chomsky is apparently unaware of the key facts about that bombing, for instance, that there were no journalists killed at RTS – they were all technicians. Milosevic’s establishment, including his generals, was aware of the planned attack days before, and sacrificed these people with the grotesque idea to present themselves as the victim of a terrorist attack (“Je suis RTS”) – while, at the same time, implementing real terror in Kosovo.

Chomsky claims that an armed attack against any media cannot be considered justified under any circumstances, not even if the media in question is the propaganda backbone of a criminal regime. Deliberate attacks on civilian targets are forbidden, and RTS was a civilian target. Do not resort to terror unless you want to become its victim, says Chomsky to the Western world governments.

Domestic propagandists, like Ljiljana Smajlovic, Slobodan Reljic, Nebojsa Krstic, and many others, are trying to use his simple message as proof that the victims in Paris and Belgrade are supposedly the same, because in both cases the victims were journalists, i.e. fighters for the truth and against “single-mindedness”. Both were killed by the “terrorists”, which means that Milosevic’s government, his generals and academics are innocent, not only of that crime, but of every other (“which, after all, were never proven”).

Milosevic’s propagandists and national workers have been saying this for 16 years, ever since our loved ones were cold-bloodedly sacrificed over the insane idea to present the criminals as victims.

Serbia will continue to live in the bell jar and protect the murderers until it faces its own crimes, including the sacrifice of sixteen RTS employees. The journalists won’t write about sixteen murdered people, about the army headquarters and ministry of defense which refuse to hand over the documents which testify that RTS technicians were left to die. They won’t write about the prosecutor’s office which refuses to examine the submitted evidence of the premeditated murders of these people. They will, however, with no shame, participate in paid campaigns, turning our dead into an alibi for their murderers.

Influential media will give a huge publicity to the man directly responsible for the murder of our loved ones, who to this day loudly proclaims that he is innocent, a victim (“Chomsky and Handke said so”) and demands “his rights”.

Since the position of director of the RTS is now open, it wouldn’t surprise us if the murderer applied and got hired again. It wouldn’t even surprise us if a state paid him millions in damages for the pain suffered, as it has done in similar cases before.

Today anything is possible in Serbia, land of the submissive, ruled by the evil.

For the families of the victims,
Žanka Stojanovic,
retired teacher

Translated by Marijana Simic

Pešč, 24.01.2015.