The city of Sarajevo, as a patron of the project, four members of the Consortium (FAMA, MESS, OGBiH, YIHR), and Municipality Center would like to present The Siege Museum, interactive permanent site in Sarajevo.

We are opening Era of Education in the region, putting FAMA COLLECTION as a basic platform of knowledge transfer.

In today’s world of conflicting priorities, rapidly changing perceptions and unsettling attempts to disqualify causes & consequences of important events, FAMA COLLECTION The Siege Museum (interactive permanent site in Sarajevo), are in a unique position to bridge the current gap between the need to preserve the integrity of facts & evidences pertaining to the experience of the Siege of Sarajevo 92-96 and the ability to map-out causes & consequences in juxtaposition to modern times. Museum will launch a positive transfer of knowledge as a new way of teaching & learning about the Sarajevo Siege phenomenon by mapping-out facts & evidences and survival in the besieged city. Museum will be a monument to Human Mind – Achievement – Creativity – Ingenuity – Nature which was unveiled by Sarajevans during the four years of the siege. The Siege Museum will be seen as a depository of Culture of Remembrance in hi technology with human touch. Also as an educational role model and integral part of truth and reconciliation process in the region.

In addition to The Siege Museum, a Bank of extraordinary Knowledge will be available to anyone from anywhere in the world at any point in time through on-Line virtual collection, social media channels and smart phone applications. Such approach will allow individuals, educational establishments, institutes, media and organizations to learn about the siege times through application of historiography adapted to modern times. The project aims to become a global movement engaging and connecting students, professors, intellectuals, scientists, artists, schools, environmentalists, thinkers and opinion-makers from every corner of the globe through its unique knowledge platform by placing in juxtaposition past experiences and knowledge with challenges of our immediate future.

For more information about the project, please watch the trailer: When page opens, type in a password: fama2011

FAMA Collection – Interactive permanent site in Sarajevo, 30.05.2011.

Pešč, 30.05.2011.