Counting the Rice, 2005, Marina Abramovic, photo: Pescanik
Counting the Rice, 2005, Marina Abramovic, photo: Pescanik

We have learned that Vesna Pesic is a super-trained specialist sniper who is planning to assassinate the president, just like the editorial board of NIN was trying to do with their cover photo of Vucic with a gun pointing at him. At least, that’s the basis on which she found herself under immediate investigation by the prosecution, much faster than the constantly stalled and delayed investigations into prejudice of the investigation in the Jovanjica case, illicit possession of footage from a toll booth in Doljevci, silence regarding Krusik and demolition in Savamala, and practically countless other cases.

Pokret slobodnih gradjana (Free Citizens’ Movement), as expected, has decided to boycott the election. Previously, Bosko Obradovic was disturbed by Professor Dragoljub Micunovic’s opinion that the boycott is meaningless, so he decided, in macho style, to start a fight with the 90-year-old political veteran. Obradovic thinks Professor Micunovic is an insult to the Democratic Party. In addition to his ambition to dictate the membership of other political parties, he has made us aware, like the president does every day, that a difference of opinion is sacrilege. It looks more to me that Obradovic is the president’s mirror image, than that Professor Micunovic works for he-who-knows-all.

The parliament session held the day before yesterday was also interesting. The topic was the Dual education act, which will turn young generations into fachidiots. They attacked Dusan Teodorovic, Danica Popovic, Jovo Bakic, Dubravka Stojanovic and others. A multiple-time champion of onomatopoeia, Professor Atlagic gave a lecture on the importance of pedagogy in education. He accused the previous government of removing the best from the school system and, by Soros’s order, bringing psychologists to the schools, declaring “all students, all parents, and all residents” as abnormal. In the throes of these deep thoughts, he accused DOS of “banishing the best scientific staff and dragging in what we have today,” the latter category including yours truly. I found out that my students call me “Professor Torture” and that I hide the grades they give my performance as a professor from the dean, the rector, and the commissioner for information. They were very nervous, I just don’t know why.

Or maybe I do – is it possible that they were bothered by the latest Ipsos strategic marketing research that went largely unnoticed by the public? There are a lot of interesting things in it, mostly because of the noticeable ambiguities. For example, the conclusions on the turnout and results were drawn on the basis of the “present” citizens of Serbia. Thus, the survey concludes that at least 50% of the 4.8 million “present” citizens of Serbia would vote, “and the number of voters is likely to be on the brink of half the total registered voters”, as well as that SNS would win about 50% of these votes. If between 2.4 million and 3.4 million voters turn out (which is half of the 6.8 million voters registered in the electoral roll), and if we take the median between the two numbers, that is 2.9 million (out of which 1.5 million are going to vote for SNS), that makes a 42% turnout. Assuming that, in the absence of a boycott, turnout would be as high as in the 2016 parliamentary elections, i.e. 56% or 3.8 million voters (if the opposition, which already decided to boycott the elections, changed their mind, this turnout would probably be higher), this means that SNS would only win 39% of the vote (1.5 million of the 3.8 million turnout), a decrease of 10% compared to the previous parliamentary elections.

Now, whether this message is encrypted so that SNS voters don’t become concerned is impossible to know. But if it is true that 2 million voters are “not present” in Serbia, which is quite possible, the extent of the demographic catastrophe we, as a society, are facing is clear. And we all know who the main culprit is – Vesna Pesic!

The author is a professor at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade.

Translated by Marijana Simic

Pešč, 01.02.2020.