Despicable song

The Priboj police is celebrating the birth of one police officer’s son with a song so dear to them. And it goes like this: “Srebrenica, you are so dear to me, I wish you happened three more times…”

Doctor D

The media lynch of director Goran Markovic has been ongoing for over a month now. It started after the decision of the Film Center of Serbia not to award funds to Markovic, Zilnik and Dragojevic.

Undermining justice

Does the number of misdemeanor charges point to the conclusion that the police used so-called intelligent video surveillance – cameras and software for digital, biometric face recognition?

Vucic’s Apocalypse

Should the excavator smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to it the other also. This is not quite what Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount, but that is how the police in Sabac understood it.

Gas scam

What is all the excitement about? 1,000 cubic meters of gas coming to Serbia via Ukraine and Hungary costs $270, but with the new pipeline the price would be reduced to $155.

Vukovar 1991-2021

DwP – The fall of Vukovar, the birthplace of the Communist party of Yugoslavia, also represents the defeat of the Bolshevik project, in the sense of the country that died there, and globally.

The cunning of fools

If there was any room for doubt, now it’s gone – the government led by Aleksandar Vucic has decided to sacrifice the health and lives of the citizens of Serbia for the sake of its own ratings.

Death and us

When, how, and why did we, the citizens of Serbia, decide to simply come to terms with illness, even death? In addition to all the (self) praise for the abundance of vaccines and new Covid hospitals…

Central celebration

The real star of this program was Milorad Dodik, who could not be clearer: “I have to let you in on a secret. We don’t like it when you call us Bosnians. We are not Bosnians, I am a Serb, I write in Cyrillic…”


Telekom will pay an incredible 100 million euro per season, or a total of 600 million euros, for the exclusive broadcasting rights of the upcoming 6 seasons of English Premier League matches.

Bad joke

I have never before heard a president of a country, even Serbia, in the middle of a five-hour speech on Kosovo calling on the people to make children to fill Serbian empty factories.

One woman’s struggle

The final verdict against Ratko Mladic coincided with another verdict. I am talking about the decades-long struggle of Fata Orlovic from Srebrenica, which symbolizes the life of Muslims in Eastern Bosnia.

Black armband

DwP – Black cardboard squares, one square meter each, were piled one on top of the other in front of Palace Albanija and hundreds of people would walk up to them and take them, without any order.

Vucic and Ljotic

Vucic couldn’t have chosen a better day to rehabilitate Dimitrije Ljotic than Victory Day. The logic is simple. Ljotic’s men, fascists though they may have been, sang Serbian songs. Thus, they were patriots.

When is now?

A group of twenty or so military-age men is marching through the main street in Borovo Selo, chanting “Kill the Serb”, singing “Oh my Croatian mother, we will slaughter the Serbs” and similar songs…


Marinika Tepic informed the public about sexual abuse of women and girls in Jagodina. Her visit to the forbidden city and the courage she needed to face Palma’s “Tigers” caused great turbulence.