Three notes

I have not been thinking much about social choice theory for a while though once you learn it you cannot but use it when you are thinking about political issues and especially about power and elections.

Gas chamber

Stalin tortured his subordinates by scheduling meetings in the middle of the night. How else to explain the need of Aleksandar Vucic to open the Balkan Stream gas pipeline in pitch dark, at 6 AM?

Year of consequences

The Covid-19 pandemic marked 2020 and its consequences will be felt in the years to come, so it is likely that we will spend the entire next year in the long shadow of the virus.

Budget made for Vucic

Even if we assume that the official forecasts of GDP growth will be fully realized, the growth of salaries of civil servants will be almost two and a half times higher than the growth of total production.

Black Friday

After the session of the pandemic Crisis Committee Darija Kisic Tepavcevic announced that mandatory health surveillance of travelers returning to Serbia from abroad would be introduced in 5 days…


The age of EUphoria is long gone. It is replaced by the age of EUphrenia, a behavioral and cognitive disorder, which can be tracked at all levels of the production of reality in Serbia.

Kosovo or poverty?

The World Bank recently published an estimate according to which, due to the crisis caused by the Covid-19 epidemic, an additional 125-327,000 people in Serbia could fall into poverty.


When a sadist says that someone is abusing others and at the same time morally condemns that person for it, it is bizarre. Yes, I mean Vucic and his condemnation of the doctors, over 2,000 of them…


A boycott is the last polite, peaceful means to put pressure on the current regime. Once the boycott is over, any subsequent action against the illegitimate regime will be less and less polite.

No choice

Those who celebrate entering the National assembly on Sunday will have to do so with full awareness that it happened only because the ruling party was afraid of its own looming reflection in the mirror.

Herd democracy

Debates on Europe – Medicine is struggling to understand all the mysteries of the coronavirus, but coronavirus has fully unveiled the mysteries and mechanisms of many political regimes.

Talk of the town

The news quickly spread through the media that the Constitutional court rejected the initiatives to assess the constitutionality and legality of the Decision on declaring a state of emergency.