Dreaming in Serbia

Let us imagine what would happen if the opposition were to win the elections. We can rephrase that: what do we expect the current opposition to do if they become the government tomorrow?

Crowded heaven, hell on Earth

“It is unheard of in the history of occupation for the occupier to present itself as a victim,” Levy continues analysis of Israel’s flight from reality. He is not quite right, because something similar exists in Serbia.

The Halyard myth

This journey from slaughter to plowing brought Bajic into the modern age with a single quantum leap, which also took the Chetniks from outhouses on the Morava to modern toilets.

Two nations, one state

Without mutual recognition of the right to a shared state, Palestinians will forever try to reclaim the land from the Jews, while Israel will forever fear destruction in a war of extermination.

October 6th on hold

After 11 years of absolute power, Vucic does not fail to mention those former governments as the destroyers of Serbia, and to praise himself as the builder of the unprecedented progress.

Days of mourning

The day of mourning would be legal if the events that took place in Kosovo correspond with the definition of severe misfortune. According to the available information, this is not the case.

New normal

The attack on Predrag Vostinic looks like just one in a series of events that flourish in a culture of violence and a system of impunity. Such events have become common – they happen once a month…


Does today feel like a holiday? Some new people are arriving, all dressed up in their best clothes. All their relatives are around them, it’s been a while since the families saw such important persons.

Electoral intermezzo

There will be no election in September because Vucic cannot win it. It’s that simple. And he will never win another election in Belgrade again. If there is still opposition in Serbia. Which we can’t rely on.

War for our cause

If you love and respect General Draza Mihailovic, as a collaborator of the occupier, a war criminal, and a fighter for the Serbian cause, then you must also love and respect current war criminals like Putin.

It’s up to us

DWP – Learning about the genocide in Srebrenica would enable young people to identify propaganda, misinformation, and hate speech, to understand the mechanisms and processes that lead to genocide.

Parallel worlds

If they really wanted to help, Bettel and Rutte would have first informed themselves about where they were going. They would have known that people in Serbia live like in a movie nightmare.

Guarantee of repetition

DwP – When asked if his prison sentence and the war were worth it, Dario Kordic replied: “I said it already, I would do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a second. Every second was worth it.”

Make a committee

The national assembly voted on 8 so-called prominent legal experts, future members of the judicial councils. The remaining 7 will be elected through the so-called five-member committee.

Operation Reka

It was not an operation at all. It was not a military action against enemy soldiers, nor did it have any military objective. The only targets were Albanian civilians from Kosovo and their property.


One would expect the president, deeply shaken by the wave of murderous violence of children against children and young people against young people, to say something about reconciliation…

Red alert

The timing of this mass shooting leads us to question its connection to the now decade-long rule of the neo-Radicals. That government, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is based on hatred and fear.

Ahmici, 30 years later

At dawn on April 16, 1993, members of the Military Police and the “Jokers”, a special unit of the Croatian Defense Council (HVO), attacked the central Bosnian village of Ahmici near Vitez.


The institutions are still silent about the case of two female deputy prosecutors who complained that they were removed from their departments and harassed by the High Public Prosecutor.