Trade war

Third countries will matter in a sense that if they follow the yuan and depreciate against the dollar, their terms of trade with China will not change while they will deteriorate with the US.

Made in Budjanovci

MP Vladimir Djukanovic, a big Red Star fan, defended the tank in front of the Red Star stadium and stressed once again that “Red Star fans died for Serbdom more than anyone else”.


Instead of In memoriam, an article from 1991: Departures are in fashion. Seldom does anyone who is leaving speak much about it, because, if they spoke about it, perhaps they wouldn’t go.

Forest girl

It is prime minister’s self-promotion as the “iron lady” of Serbian nationalism and can’t possibly have any positive effect in the area where such effect is the most needed – Serbian-Albanian relations.

Party time

The European Commission Report on Serbia pointed out that the regime in Belgrade is authoritarian, more seriously than any prior report. To that, Ana Brnabic stated that the report is “partially non-objective”.

The other side of Goebbels

In recent weeks, we’ve witnessed a new phase of propaganda activities launched by the authorities, involving all aspects of social reality. Public speech is reminiscent of a stream of consciousness…

Believing demagogue

Simon Wren-Lewis writes: “Brexiters… need to believe in the fantasy of Global Britain”. Do they believe? And do they even need to? Does a demagogue believe or need to believe in his or her demagogy? There are three possibilities.

Tekst Sporazuma sa narodom, pištaljke i zastava Srbije

Broken telephone game

Vladimir Dimitrijevic thinks that the Rolling Stones are “devil-inspired” and that John Lennon was “a fan of Lucifer”. He is the member of the far right Dveri movement – and the speaker at the #1od5million rally.

Makaze seku Kosovo sa mape Srbije

Kosovo and Serbia

On Nikola Pasic Square, DSS and SRS once again said „Kosovo is Serbia“. Both Dveri and Nasi shouted the same thing to the prime minister in Orasac. Even Vucic himself claimed that Kosovo is Serbia in Munich.

"There's more of us than you", protests in Belgrade

Regime over the abyss

We saw another public display of the regime’s brazenness in an interview with the prime minister. He spent 95% of the time talking trash about his opponents, blathering about the toilets at the Faculty of Philosophy…

transparent sa protesta #1od5miliona: Buna protiv dahija


According to the Freedom barometer, which places emphasis on political freedoms, Serbia ranks 35th among 45 countries in Europe and Central Asia. So, we’re near the bottom once again.

slomljena grana drveta

Robby K: Vucic’s fall

“If a tyrant could choose a people to rule, instead of people choosing tyrants, he would most definitely choose Croats. Vucic would be so much luckier if he ruled in Croatia instead of Serbia. He would say: This is heaven on earth!”

krilo ptice od kamena

#105 out of 5 million

Teachers of the Belgrade Faculty of Philosophy support protests of citizens of Serbia: Through research of an individual and a society, we recognize numerous elements of dictatorship in the government’s behavior.

apple on a fence

Waiting for Putin

They come to power with Western, USA and EU, support, and try to stay in power with Putin’s support. Milorad Dodik is one successful, so far, example. Vucic, the President of Serbia, is attempting the same.