Human Rights? What for?

The introductory sentence of the first article in the Constitution defining Serbia in an early-romanticist manner as a state which “belongs” equally to the Serbian people and all citizens living in it – is politically profoundly insincere.

A summer strike

Until today, not a single attack against Pescanik was investigated. Just like on previous occasions, the website administrator has collected data of the attack from his logs. Pescanik’s legal team is preparing criminal charges against “persons unknown”.

The Etihad case

The most suspicious part of the Agreement is the one in which Etihad issues orders and commitments to the Government of Serbia to secure a monopoly over the airport Nikola Tesla for Air Serbia and Etihad.

Global hate

In the news about the camp where Zilots train minors in the use of weapons, the most wicked is the prioress, who seeks to pull the children away from the computers by giving them guns.

Gennady in Jerusalim

In parallel with the specter of state bankruptcy, used for amortization of social unrest, the story of Russian relations has been intensively developing in the public. This story has two faces. One is the story of Russian power and the other is of mercy.

Open letter to the people of Belgrade

We are a group of 50 international scholars and experts on urban development and planning. We have seen and studied the plans of “Belgrade on the Water” project and want to communicate some serious concerns about the current proposal.


The scenery of future and potentially more serious crisis is emptying, and there only remain the prime minister with the government as his extended arm, the army and “the people” which should be protected – well known trinity.

Long live labor

A new reason for layoff is introduced – behavior of an employee that constitutes a criminal act at work or related to work, regardless of whether criminal proceedings against the employee are initiated.

The endgame in Ukraine

Croatian case provides one possibly relevant comparison with the Ukrainian crisis. Apart from that outcome, there are three other endgames but rather unlikely to be adopted. The implication is that the conflict will be a protracted one.

Legitimacy and constitution

There are various attempts to draw a parallel between the crisis in and over Ukraine and the dissolution of Yugoslavia and more specifically with the constitutional set up of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the possible political outcome in Ukraine.

The mythical war

Feeling of injustice is perhaps the strongest glue of a nation. It homogenizes all individuals with a strong sense that we are objects of constant historic injustice – you keep giving, but you are always misunderstood and, eventually, end up worst.

Prijedor holograms

At the opening of Andricgrad Vucic stressed that the Institute will be “the gathering place for all great Serbian minds”. However, on the road to Omarska none of those “great Serbian minds” thought to put a single road sign.

Flooded consolidation

Prime minister didn’t explain what floods have to do with reducing public servants’ salaries. It turns out that the public employees are biggest victims of floods and therefore the urgent fiscal consolidation should be postponed.

Free people

From the radio show, June 6:… Thousands of people inhabit that virtual Serbia. They built their communities there, their roads and squares. They don’t want to wallow in the mud produced daily by this government and their media.