Ugricic’s sin

The government did not sack Ugricic because it was unaware of the brilliant job this man had done. On the contrary, Ugricic’s sin must be his contribution to European Serbia.


Tadic barely managed to push through a resolution on Srebrenica, which, if nothing else, provides a moral evasion of the possibility to be awarded a medal by Milorad Dodik.

The Writers forum request

We demand that the Serbian Government immediately repeals its unconstitutional decision to remove the Director of the Serbian National Library, Sreten Ugricic.

The pack

It is better to talk about the terrorist associates of Nikolaidis such as Ugricic, instead of asking why Tadic wore that bloody sash while in Banja Luka.


Probably Tadic himself is frightened, because the Service intimidates not only citizens, but public officials as well.

Serbian exegesis

A state funeral was scheduled at Belgrade’s New Cemetery for the day after the session of the EC in Brussels.

Tadic is done!

When he told Serbs to leave the barricades, he gave the same command to himself. He too, should resign.

Vuk only!

Now what? Support the coalition of ex-Chetniks, ex-communists and LDP, which shunned Vesna Pesic? Well… yes.

Protest and petition signing

Friday, November 4th, at Plato in front of the Philosophical Faculty, protest against the violence that was inflicted on students participating in the blockade.

Kosovo, Europe and him

Who controls 150 men, armed and ready to shoot? Who is powerful enough to decide when and if Borislav Stefanovic will be welcomed in Northern Kosovo.

Hera made out of clouds

The recommendation to grant Serbia candidate status for EU membership cannot be called a success. It is more like a strong reminder of all our failures so far.