The Bosniaks’ Bosnia policy

The dominant Bosniak policy is skilled at playing a double game: on the one hand, loudly advocating a multi-ethnic and civic Bosnia; on the other, acting in a way that favours the emergence of a two-thirds-majority Bosniak national state.

Serbia and Russia

During the past two centuries Serbian foreign policy makers have failed only too often to understand the nature of the Russian interest in the Balkans.

White Schengen for Serbia

There is a whole new generation coming up, whose formative experiences are lacking international travel, if we leave out graduation excursions to Budapest or Athens. The consequences of this can be seen in the crime pages in newspapers.

Letter to European union

A candidate status for EU membership would reverse negative trends in Serbia. Not only political elites but also local selfgovernments and citizens need to harness their energy for reaching a consensus on Serbia’s indisputable European course.

Srebrenica memorial day

Considering statements by politicians, both from ruling and opposition parties, that are, almost without exception, based on denial of the Srebrenica genocide and represent an unscrupulously trade with Serbian victims.

Serbia grinds to a halt

The propensity to rely on spiritual unity with Russia, displayed by the country’s president and foreign minister, arises I guess from sheer helplessness, intellectual as well as political.


Svetlana Lukic and Svetlana Vukovic have been producing a 90 minute long radio show for nine years, and they have been giving it free of charge to Radio B92 to broadcast once a week, on Friday, and rebroadcast the next day.

Serbian anomie

People feel that this is what the new way of life must be, that we’ll live like this forever. This weighs heavily upon them, and drives them into isolation – which is one effect of anomie.

Obama’s inaugural speech

I stand here today humbled by the task before us, grateful for the trust you have bestowed, mindful of the sacrifices borne by our ancestors.


The government of the Democratic Party headed by Boris Tadic is turning out to be extremely politically impotent. If we take the five goals this government had set, we can see that they didn’t manage to realize any of them.


To get to Europe we need the sort of politicians we can’t even imagine. For getting us closer to the Kremlin, the ones we have now will do.

The demands of the privileged

Lucid critique of the way in which EU mistakes and weaknesses have encouraged first Greece, then Slovenia and in the latter’s wake Serbia to make trouble for their neighbours

Liberal-democratic ideas in Serbia

A scholarly and witty talk by the historian Dubravka Stojanovic – an author of the recently published book Kaldrma i asfalt on the modernisation of Belgrade in the years before World War I – discusses how liberal ideas were interpreted, and implemented or not, in the first years of Serbia’s independence, in ways that retain their relevance to this day. 


The thing that could help Serbia in this situation is a boost in public investments, but it depends on whether we have the money to finance it.

Know your priorities

Whenever you find yourself short on argument, it comes in handy to call your opponent, who is always an enemy, too educated or to say that his wife wears corsets and hats, which is not good – she should be wearing skirts and kerchiefs.


The Republicans still enjoy the support of the wealthy and white people, but what is interesting is that the wealthiest, have overwhelmingly voted for Obama.

Ćosić on Radovan’s ramparts

E-novine – Searing comment on the poisonous nationalism that continues to be spread by Dobrica Ćosić, made by a prominent Belgrade opposition politician and human-rights activist, Vesna Pešić.

Dobrica Ćosić – The last defence

On the occasion of recent publications by the ‘Father Of The Serb Nation’, the director of Belgrade’s Helsinki Committee for Human Rights analyses Ćosić’s contribution to an unreconstructed version of Serbia’s recent past that continues to hold sway. 

The bottomless pit

A virtual financial world and virtual financial services were created, and it ended in catastrophe. Someone privatized the profit and simply left.


Those who actually read the declaration, and I doubt that many will try, will immediately see that this is a common political programme.

The train for Europe

We remain perplexed why they insist so much on Mladić, and never ask ourselves why we ourselves didn’t arrest him when we had him here.

Pyramid of illusions

The latest Kosovo formula of the Serbian state representatives – ‘Let’s be realistic, let’s do the impossible!’ – is in fact nothing but a swindle and a throwing of dust into the eyes of the population, designed to divert its attention from everyday problems.

Ulemek is dumb

When the daily Kurir published Milorad Ulemek’s yokelish letter, in which a man convicted of the worst crimes joined an organized attack on Sonja Biserko, the final link was found – the importance of The Helsinki Committee’s brave act really became clear.