The body electric

On November 21st 1996, an estimated 20,000 people gather at Republic Square for the first of 83 days of protest called by Zajedno.

The split

Everywhere in the world the government is controlling something, but the idea of an honest government is discredited here.

A moralist

Why is a moralist disliked in these times? What has he done to deserve this? It is not a big secret.


Economist Vladimir Gligorov discusses who is to be blamed for high inflation and what it means when the finance minister warns of budget deficit.

The president without make-up

In order to form a government with the SPS there is no need to show respect to Slobodan Milosevic. There is even less need for asking that the death of a dictator be equated to the assassination of Serbia’s first democratic Prime Minister, Zoran Djindjic.


Even laymen realized that Serbia’s cashbox is suffering from a serious case of anemia when governor Jelasic announced that the National Bank of Serbia will not grant a loan to the State of Serbia to improve the “blood picture” of its budget

Stalin In the securities commission

This is not the first time that the people from the Market, the Commission, the National Bank of Serbia and other institutions talk nonsense. No one hopes that they know anything about the economy and financial markets, although they like to call themselves experts.

Geography of animosity

Balkan states depend on foreign influences to function, both internally and regionally. Increasingly, the key external factor is the European Union (EU).

The case of Hicham Yezza

Those of you based in the UK may have read about the arrest of a PG student and an employee of the University of Nottingham, because they were in possession of an al-Qa’ida manual. When it emerged that the manual is freely available at a US government website and that the student used it for research on his MA dissertation, while the employee printed the 1,500-pages-document for his student friend who could not afford to print such a large document, both men were released, after spending 6 days in custody.

Army drill

Book publisher Dejan Ilic discusses the negotiations on forming the Serbian government, the education system in Serbia and the riots in Belgrade on February 21st, 2008.

More than a job

Economist Misa Brkic discusses signing the memorandum of strategic partnership between Fiat and Zastava and its impact on the elections.

A national government

Economist Vladimir Gligorov analyses the possible consequences of forming an anti-European government, repealing the SAA and the elections in Vojvodina.

The situation

Lawyer Srdja Popovic talks about the divisions in Serbian society, the ratification of the SAA and the possibility of conflict and physical violence in case of protests in Belgrade.

Why foreign aid fails

The main point of this paper is that foreign aid fails because the structure of its incentives resembles that of central planning. Aid is not only ineffective, it is arguably counterproductive.

The past, responsibility and the future

Who is “responsible”, and what does that “responsibilitiy mean? How does one deal with this responsibility and look at one’s past through those eyes, and finally – what does it mean for one’s steps into the future?