The thing that could help Serbia in this situation is a boost in public investments, but it depends on whether we have the money to finance it.

Know your priorities

Whenever you find yourself short on argument, it comes in handy to call your opponent, who is always an enemy, too educated or to say that his wife wears corsets and hats, which is not good – she should be wearing skirts and kerchiefs.


The Republicans still enjoy the support of the wealthy and white people, but what is interesting is that the wealthiest, have overwhelmingly voted for Obama.

Ćosić on Radovan’s ramparts

Searing comment on the poisonous nationalism that continues to be spread by Dobrica Ćosić, made by a prominent Belgrade opposition politician and human-rights activist, Vesna Pešić.

Dobrica Ćosić – The last defence

On the occasion of recent publications by the ‘Father Of The Serb Nation’, the director of Belgrade’s Helsinki Committee for Human Rights analyses Ćosić’s contribution to an unreconstructed version of Serbia’s recent past that continues to hold sway. 

The bottomless pit

A virtual financial world and virtual financial services were created, and it ended in catastrophe. Someone privatized the profit and simply left.


Those who actually read the declaration, and I doubt that many will try, will immediately see that this is a common political programme.

The train for Europe

We remain perplexed why they insist so much on Mladić, and never ask ourselves why we ourselves didn’t arrest him when we had him here.

Pyramid of illusions

The latest Kosovo formula of the Serbian state representatives – ‘Let’s be realistic, let’s do the impossible!’ – is in fact nothing but a swindle and a throwing of dust into the eyes of the population, designed to divert its attention from everyday problems.

Ulemek is dumb

When the daily Kurir published Milorad Ulemek’s yokelish letter, in which a man convicted of the worst crimes joined an organized attack on Sonja Biserko, the final link was found – the importance of The Helsinki Committee’s brave act really became clear.

Serbian march 2008

The organizations “Krv i čast” and “Nacionalni stroj”, supported by the local branch of Stormfront are announcing a gathering on October 11th, in front of the Faculty of Philosophy.

Stop hatred and violence

The state is not private property of those who presently occupy its highest offices. The state has to be defended, even when its officials do not have enough strength for doing that.

People are tired

As for LDP, it became, unfortunately, one man band. And its scores are like in a bad figure skating: technique – naah, artistic value – even worse.

The Serb half truth

Masterly summary by a prominent Serbian constitutional expert and human-rights activist, Vojin Dimitrijevic, of a nationalist narrative about the country’s recent past.

Solidarity with Sonya Biserko

The statement is in response to yesterday’s act of vandalism against the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights by the violent group who is self-named Movement 1389, that the media ill-fatedly calls a protest.

How we lie to ourselves

Acid comment by Belgrade’s best-known civil-rights lawyer on the defence put forward by former FRY chief of staff Momcilo Perišic when his trial started before the Hague tribunal

The glory of Russia

Ever since I was a little boy, I knew the answer to the eternal Russian question “Whose fault is it?” It is always the fault of the one who is the biggest, strongest and dumbest.

A Russian Pandora’s box

Acute comment on the unwelcome consequences for the Serbian government of Russia’s recent recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

Our Serb from Bosnia

Illuminating study of the links between politics and the economy between Serbia and Russia, as exemplified by the multi-functioned tycoon and politician Nenad Popovic.

The Russian problem

A Serbian take on Russia’s policies in Georgia, and on the essential differences between the NATO intervention in Kosovo and the Russian intervention in South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

In a package

Prime Minister Cvetkovic gave an interesting comment on the assessed value of The Petroleum Industry of Serbia (NIS).

What is going on

The SPS is forming a coalition with the DS, The DSS is fading and disappearing of the political map, the Radicals are dividing, on no other grounds then joining the European integrations.