That foundation stone of Serbia

Mr. Dacic’s statement concisely summarized not only the position of the current Serbian Government on Kosovo, but also the master narrative of the entire contemporary Serbian politics. This narrative is based on three premises.

New poems

Three new poems by Charles Simic, The Paris Review, Issue 192, Spring 2010.

A new beginning for Peščanik

Peščanik has earned its reputation by subjecting the Serbian regime to stringent criticism, becoming a place that has brought together the best of the Serbian opposition. 

Questions and answers

Is Serbia incapable of conducting a responsible political and expert debate? In order to answer this question, let us take three examples.

Oil on water

Discussing her new book, Dubravka Stojanović proposes some alternative reasons for celebrating Vidovdan, more positive than those of Official Serbia.

New books

Excerpts from Mirko Đorđević’s Patriarh Pavle’s Umbrella, Srđa Popović’s Those Bitter Tears Afterwards and Vladimir Gligorov’s Why do Countries Break Up?

Fear of Europe

Rev. Justin Popović represents an expression of the aforementioned contradiction in the duality of our relationship towards Europe.


Biljana lived in a country where for the last quarter of a century, on an almost daily basis, you get to a point where you have to try your best to remain a decent human being.

In memoriam

Biljana Kovačević-Vučo, president of Lawyer’s Committee for Human Rights – YUCOM passed away in Belgrade.