Joint history project

It is a long-term project that brings together 60 Southeast-European historians to work together through multiperspective history of the region.

The small nation problem

A small nation certainly has and is something. But being insignificant, it is worth only with its racial and not cultural individuality. This value remains localized and a small nation lives in international solitude, so to speak.

Letter from Australia

It is a weird feeling to stand in Potocari, silently reading the engraved names, hundreds of them, almost your entire family, and unconsciously looking for your own name among them, right there between Hamdija and Hasan, alphabetically.

Growth is disappearing

Countries that are more integrated with the EU have suffered more from the crisis. These countries are also better positioned to profit from the various measures introduced in the EU.

Serbia and NATO

A group of over 200 “distinguished intellectuals” signed a petition calling for a referendum on whether Serbia should join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

777 steps to heaven

Firstly, it must be noted, with great relief, that Boris Tadic decided, at the end of the first decade of the 21st century, to put an end to the strategic wandering of Serbia. Serbia finally submitted the EU candidacy application.

The case of Serbia

The Republika Srpska government has in many different forms made it clear that it sees the Serb national interest as follows: division of Kosovo and union of Serbia with Republika Srpska.

Patriarch Pavle’s umbrella

In the troublesome years of the country’s breakup – and in the midst of atrocities that appalled the entire world – the late patriarch did not quite know how to act.

The flu, god and Vukovar

And when it began to seem as though the virus was our President’s best coalition partner, Patriarch Pavle died, and just about any idiot in this country was granted unlimited possibilities for action.

An accidental Serb

An interview with novelist Vladimir Arsenijević on the use and abuse of free speech: Very few writers exercised the right to free speech at that time.

Changing history

The revision of World War II is necessary so we could say that in the 90s, just like in World War II, everyone was involved in crimes, everyone is partially to blame. This is in fact a defense of the Great Serbia program.

Crime and punishment

The last chance for making Serbia face the truth through international legal mechanism was missed on September 27, 2007 when the International Court of Justice ruled that Serbia was responsible just for “failing of prevent” the Srebrenica genocide.

The right fist

While we are doing our miserable jobs and quietly living, our reputation in the world and safety in our city are determined by manipulated bloodthirsty kids, dreaming of Bishop Amfilohije’s blessings and Kosovo, the Heart of Serbia.

The price of community solidarity

As long as being a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or whatever is seen as something to be ashamed of, that shame will be felt by everyone – not just those who are actually gay or whatever – precisely because of this strong sense of solidarity and identity with the nation.

Death on the street

The death on a Belgrade street is an extension of the death by sniper attacks on the streets of the besieged Sarajevo.

The anatomy lesson

Girls and boys from organizations defending rights of gay people in Serbia asked for public support. And as in Rembrandt’s Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp, our public has shown its true character.

Serbia: Human rights defenders at risk

Human rights defenders (HRDs) in Serbia continue to be at risk from attack by both state and non-state actors, including the media. The Serbian authorities are failing to protect them from physical attacks and threats to their lives and property.