Russian lessons

Prilepin said that his intention was to write a book about love, but it turned out to be about war, because “anything a Russian takes up, eventually turns into fire from the Kalashnikov.”

The birth of the Belgrade CircIe

DwP – A group of Serbian historians began collecting documents about the anti-war movement in Serbia in the 1990s and the Association of Independent Intellectuals Belgrade Circle.

Happy fearmonger

In a panicked frenzy, the ruler warned us about a series of disasters headed our way. His panic scale is calibrated at the scale of cataclysms and apocalypses, unavoidable biblical prophecies…

Winds of change in B&H

The two main pieces of news from the elections held in Bosnia and Herzegovina are the victory of Denis Becirovic and changes to the Election law imposed by High representative C. Schmidt.

Radoslav Brdjanin – contribution to crimes

The day before yesterday, the news arrived that this prematurely released Hague convict died in B&H, but it was not possible to hear or read anything about his war efforts for which he was sentenced to 30 years.

Walk for Russia

The Belgrade “walk for life” had almost no banners against EuroPride – it was primarily a symbolic message to Brussels that Vladimir Putin is present and easily managing the regime in Belgrade.

Why I left

At the other end of the table I saw hands. He told me that he was sorry about everything that happened and warned me not to talk so much about it in the media, since it affects the investigation.

Adila’s bullet-proof şalvar

DwP – An Albanian woman from Belgrade, a Serbian man from Bor, a Serbian couple from Gracanica are sitting together in Durrës. It sounds like a joke, but we are somewhere halfway to reconciliation…

Peace and unrest

Slavoj Zizek shows how much peace can annoy the advocates of the idea that Ukrainians and Russians should keep dying until they prove their hypothesis about the futility of peace.

Road to nowhere

Peace in the Balkans won’t be a given for long. Russia’s increasingly certain victory in Ukraine will give an additional push to everyone in Serbia who believes that a “revision of the defeat” is possible.

First look from the inside

Our party got an office at Nikola Pasic Square 6, number 112. We don’t have internet, but we do have a fax machine, a television that doesn’t work, a desktop computer, and a box of floppy disks.

The issue of home

The moment a Polish soldier offers me a cup of soup because he thinks I am a refugee from Ukraine, I understand that Europe still hasn’t figured it out. He is heavily armed. He smiles.

Say terrorism

Is the international community organizing terrorist attacks in Serbia in order to force it to impose sanctions against Russia, or is Serbia faking these threats for its own daily political needs?

Internal dialogue 3.0

The AVtocrat’s “address to the public” is irrelevant. He will mumble the same things again, perform his political burlesque, clumsily play the statesman, pull his hair and take off his glasses theatrically.

What Putin said

The President of Russia explained to the Secretary General of the United Nations why he believes that the Russian military intervention in Ukraine is in accordance with international law.

Siege of Sarajevo – 30 years later

VIDEO – On April 5th, 1992, the longest siege of a European city since World War 2 began. It lasted 44 months, until December 1995. Over 11,000 people were killed, among them 1,600 children.


DwP – Sometimes I think I hear Milosevic when Putin is speaking. I am not struck by temporal confusion. Putin and his “Russian world” had Milosevic and his “Serbian world” as a precursor.

Electoral Neverland

Let’s start with the good news. There aren’t any. Let’s try again. Good news is that the regime no longer holds two thirds of the parliament and Vucic could not be declared a president-for-life.

Russian world

“The majority of the Ukrainian population, seduced by the siren call of Europe, has succumbed to the temptations of electoral democracy. Russian troops started a war to free it from these illusions.”

Cain’s campaign

The Orthodox armies of the Third Rome did not withstand the threat of the West and struck first, to return Ukraine to the Russian world. What could Cain have thought before he killed Abel?

Territories – the Munich moment

The explanation for the occupation of Ukraine, if it happens, is that the rights of the Russian minority are endangered. The comparison with Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina is obvious.


The Serbian government, contrary to the decision of the European Court of Human Rights on temporary ban on extradition, extradited to the Bahrein its citizen Ali Ahmed Jaffar Mohammed.