Revenge of the politics

Branislav Ristivojevic, a professor at the Novi Sad Faculty of Law, recently published his view on the annulment of Slobodan Beljanski’s PhD thesis. He spoke on TV Pink, made a statement to TV Vojvodina…

The years the SPP has devoured

The GDP of the Eastern European countries in 2015 was 60% higher than 25 years ago, while Serbia is 25% below that level. These countries as a whole are 85% more developed than Serbia.

Insult of the week

Not a day goes by that we don’t get insulted by the government. It insults us collectively, as a group, as individuals. But at the end of the day, the government feels the most insulted.

Another perspective

We are witnessing a conflict of the state with itself: MPs attacked the Ombudsman, and the prosecutor’s office attacked the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance.

Olympic battle for Kosovo

The government’s instruction means fewer medals for Serbia, but fails to show how it will manage to defend Kosovo. The first question being in which sports our medals and defense of Kosovo could “clash” at all.

The exes

Ten days after the murder in Zitiste we still came to the point where violence is violence, jealousy is jealousy, and it’s hard to be left by a partner. You can read all about this in the article on the Politika website.

Guantanamo in Serbia

Torture methods used in Serbian institutions resemble interrogation techniques used by the CIA in the American prison Guantanamo, whose closing the prime minister is supposedly enabling.

Stairway to Brexit

EJIL: Talk! – Cameron has just announced that he will be stepping down by October, but the irony is that we may yet remember him sentimentally under, say, a prime minister Boris Johnson.

Will the losing streak ever end?

What is actually happening in Serbia? Almost simultaneously with the protests, we landed in the middle of a crisis with the West whose consequences still can’t be foreseen.

The Mad Hatter

On our side of the mirror is possible for a mass protest to happen in the center of the capital and that the only thing that is reported about it is read from the statement of the ruling party.

Game of thrones

All prime minister’s tirades about combative government and squatting in army barracks ended in an unexpected and urgent visit to Moscow, which was, naturally, private, i.e. for medical attention.

Terracotta army

In the past, I was ready to point to the fine difference between “good” and “bad” nationalists, to accept patriots as flag-waving, basically harmless people. But not anymore…

New York, New York

Mayor of Belgrade said that one of the main reasons for the introduction of this airline was to enable American tourists to come to Serbia more easily. His faith in Serbian tourism is almost moving.

Living with a monster

This is the first conversation in the set of meetings called the Other Serbia, organized by the Belgrade Circle in the begining of the 90s: For every one of us this means something. Something more than simply a promise…

Vucic’s hour of the wolf

In this post-electoral “uncertainty”, produced by the prime minister, the only unquestionable electoral list is the one by Vojislav Seselj. And the SNS list, whose percentage could only increase.

Foto: Predrag Trokicić

We can do it better

Now that we have agreed that the Hague Tribunal is no good and brings only quarrels and not reconciliation, the time has come for a brighter topic – national war crimes trials.

Pre-election torture chamber

Vucic is the same as Serbia, i.e. the sum of all those differences – from Russia to NATO lovers. That mess is advertised for the elections under the slogan “Serbia wins – Aleksandar Vucic”.

Seselj’s shadow

Seselj escaped domestic justice, surrendering to the Hague court just prior to the murder of Zoran Djindjic. Now is the time for the Serbian judiciary to catch up with what has been lost.


If these first-degree verdicts become final, it would mean that Radovan Karadzic will have to bear the consequences of his crimes, while Vojislav Seselj will only have to answer to the public.

Obama in Havana

President Obama has obviously grasped that the Nobel Prize for Peace he received “on loan” was actually worth earning. His opponents in Washington see his trip to Havana as an act of treason.

The great theft

Conversation with Łukasz Pawłowski for Kultura liberalna magazine: In all the Balkan countries you can hardly find decent media. Along with deprofessionalization, there is the process of ‘dumbification’…