Once again, the command is – stop!

A meeting of the Council of all Serbs in the Region was held a few days ago in the President’s cabinet. The idea is to prepare Serbs for the population counts in neighboring countries.

The stupidity test

A list of 50 things the general public in Serbia is prone to believing, mostly thanks to the uncritical attitude towards the numerous information they have been fed by various media over the decades.

Shame on pessimists!

Are the citizens to believe that they are guilty for not trusting the government? The marketing team of our President has really lost its mind.

The other cheek

In June 2010, after the Vidovdan celebration in Gazimestan, twenty or so members of Obraz (Cheek) took a picture, posing in a brotherly embrace with Alexander Konuzin, the Russian ambassador in Serbia.

The nicer truth

Whenever Srdja Popovic speaks about the armed insurrection of JSO, we should always speak about October 5 as well. What was the role of the conspirators? What happened on October 5?

The anatomy of immorality

A cynical man could say that Djindjic’s statements during the open session of the government were meant for people exactly like Nebojsa Bakarec.

Social contract

In order to find a man who has been evading police and army forces for years, you need a lot of things: binoculars, GPS, bulletproof vest, mosquito repellent, Zippo lighter, rifle, antidote for snake bites, miner’s lamps, a pony…

The shame Parade

How is it possible that all of this happened? First to answer will have to be the highly praised Minister Dacic, followed by the Government and the self-confident President.

On responsibility

Because it is simply not possible, it is pointless to say that the Minister of Foreign Affairs is not responsible for foreign policy.

Kosovo resolution

Text of Resolution on Kosovo harmonized by Serbia and the EU adopted by UN GA on September 9th, 2010.

That foundation stone of Serbia

Mr. Dacic’s statement concisely summarized not only the position of the current Serbian Government on Kosovo, but also the master narrative of the entire contemporary Serbian politics. This narrative is based on three premises.