Real electrons costs

Growing employment is the key to social and political stability and to economic growth. It needs to take place in the private, and not in the public sector. 

New security rhetoric

For them, Pride is only a peripheral manifestation of an incompetent government, and their political offer to the public is: “We have the right solution for Kosovo!”


Mayor of Jagodina has been claiming for years that there are no members of the LGBT population in that city. Now he has decided to admit that indeed 2 (let’s put it in writing: two) LGBT persons live there.

Spinning crimes

Let’s take, for example, the recent spinning of the story about the background of the assassination of Zoran Djindjic. Why was this story spinned? Who is the recipient of the message?

Deep purple

The proponents of the policy of force must prove that the use of force would be efficient.

A postcard from Kosovo

There is an unspoken agreement in northern Kosovo – “patriots” are smuggling, citizens are receiving double salaries from Belgrade, while Borko Stefanovic justifies this state of affairs in Brussels.

What price nationalism?

What are the costs of nationalistic policies? The expectations may be more optimistic than is warranted as the example of the breakup of Yugoslavia suggests.


The day is too hot, too bright, too still, too ever, the dead remains too nothing. What shall we do till nightfall?


It is good when the comrades and accomplices of war criminals and people indicted of war crimes deny war crimes and glorify war criminals as publicly as possible.

The last radio show

After 11 years of broadcasting Pescanik on Radio B92, this cooperation has been put to an end on June 10th 2011.

The General

When it comes to genocide and similar grave “political” crimes, one can always recognize three key and essential roles: The Ideologue, The Politician and The General.

At uncle’s country house

He has grown visibly older, they say. I too have grown older in those fifteen years, but unlike myself and Ratko Mladic, 8,000 murdered people never got a chance to grow older and some of them did not even get a chance to grow up.

Siege museum

Museum will launch a positive transfer of knowledge as a new way of teaching & learning about the Sarajevo Siege phenomenon.

Three categories and mockery of law

There are three categories of our fellow citizens who will never be viewed as criminals: war criminals, extremists who resort to violence and citizens belonging to the category “Ceca”.

Animal kingdom

I still have no idea how to exit this new authoritarianism. The author who wrote about it, Ivan Krastev, says that there is an exit, but a false one.

Stone city

When the signing of the petition was initiated, Vojislav Kostunica appeared before the DSS main party board and held an incredible speech.