Double standards

The ministry of police didn’t think it necessary to check HRW’s findings that Serbian police is taking money from migrants, but they checked Informer’s story about ombudsman Sasa Jankovic.

Minister Gasic’s deceits

The findings of the two army commissions on the responsibility for the tragic helicopter crash are now available to the public. Their most controversial conclusion is that the crew is responsible for the crash.


The editors of Pescanik filed criminal charges against unidentified persons for unauthorized website breach, falsifying content and false representation to the Ministry of Internal Affairs Department for High-tech Crime.

Prevention is fully operational

In fortunate countries it’s not normal to constantly speak of an assassination of the highest authority; in Serbia it’s everyday fun. Apis himself has risen from the grave to chase Vucic and entertain us!

Three new poems

The gift from Charles Simic and Vojislav Pejovic, who translated these poems into Montenegrin. From the poem January: … An empire, I read somewhere, / Maintains itself through / The cruelty of its prisons.

The misery of journalism

Serbian journalism won’t soon recover from the defeat inflicted on it by our prime minister on Tuesday night (Question mark, RTS 1). He has put journalists where he thinks they deserve to be – the ninth circle of Hell.

Shame on you, prime minister

Instead of protecting your ministers at any cost, you would be much better off allowing the investigation to find out: who decided that the helicopter should bring the baby to Belgrade only?

On March 12, I walk alone

The whole circus is completed by walks for Zoran, organized by tiny leaders – by-products of divisions within the Democratic Party. This makes me sick. I see these walks as an abuse of citizens’ feelings.

Integration fatigue

Yugoslav nations could no longer blame Yugoslavia or communism for their failure. A scapegoat was urgently needed. They are disappointed in Europe because they are disappointed in themselves.

After iron – grapes

It’s time for plan C. What could it be? To close the Steel Mill and award 5,000 employees with substantial settlements and free seedlings of grapes, apples, apricots and peaches.

The spirit of the crime

If anyone still wonders why it was necessary to establish the Hague tribunal for war crimes in Yugoslavia, they should read the president’s holiday threat to the war crimes prosecutor once more.

No payoff, no game

What is the payoff structure in the Greece versus Euro Area (EA) game? Games are defined by payoffs. No payoffs, no game. As we do not know the payoff structure, we need to infer it from the strategy of the players.

We can’t live without our traitors

The promotion of Jankovic into the state enemy was proven by connecting him with Natasa Kandic and the documents on Dikovic. And all that was done because Aleksandar Vucic loves his brother.

Of course

The ICJ rejected both the genocide claim filed by Croatia and the counter-claim by Serbia. The chances of the ICJ deciding otherwise were equal to that of a direct asteroid hit on the Hague Peace Palace on 3 February, 10 am local time.

Immature for power

The government’s attitude to the ombudsman and the commissioner illustrates the real attitude of the SNS to the ideas which were (at least declaratory) in the foundation of the October 5th.

OWCP and Rudnica case

OWCP’s request for documents from the HLC relating to Rudnica is an indicator of a years long failure to act upon the evidence concerning the crimes committed in the area of responsibility of the 37th MtBr.

Chomsky, RTS and Charlie Hebdo

Noam Chomsky, clearly unaware of crucial facts, makes an unfortunate comparison in his article between the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo and the NATO bombing of the Serbian Television.

Six and a half percent

I can picture the deans of faculties walking through the halls in the eve of the New Year holidays and considering who should be “dumped”, while offering polite smiles and holiday wishes.

„Je suis BIRN“

We don’t have the right to use the honorable epithet “Je suis Charlie” if we continue to allow the collapse of the very form (the substance is already gone) of the parliamentary democracy in Serbia.

Foreign policy as local occupation

Only when the issue of Kosovo is resolved and repayment of debts guaranteed, can the chapters 23 and 24, which are about the judiciary system and human rights, be opened in the second part of this year.

Yet another year

Not much will change in 2015 when it comes to respect for human rights. One may even expect a deterioration of relations towards freedom of expression and human rights defenders.

Climate infringement

The overall result is: during this year’s first nine months, the investments were 4% lower than in 2013. And last year, the investments were 10% lower than in 2012.

Good night, and good luck

Vulin is being given absolution from corruption by the US Ambassador. Vulin being protected by the US, go figure? Oppose a large international power, if you dare, and if you are as brave as Vulin.

What should the opposition do?

My proposal for the opposition parties is to unite into one party. However, the key issue is whether these parties would let citizens to decide who the new leader will be.

Belgrade for the death penalty?

On Sunday, November 30, more than 1800 cities in more than 90 countries specially illuminated one of their monuments. This is a part of the international manifestation “Cities for Life – Cities Against the Death Penalty”.