"There's more of us than you", protests in Belgrade

Regime over the abyss

We saw another public display of the regime’s brazenness in an interview with the prime minister. He spent 95% of the time talking trash about his opponents, blathering about the toilets at the Faculty of Philosophy…

transparent sa protesta #1od5miliona: Buna protiv dahija


According to the Freedom barometer, which places emphasis on political freedoms, Serbia ranks 35th among 45 countries in Europe and Central Asia. So, we’re near the bottom once again.

slomljena grana drveta

Robby K: Vucic’s fall

“If a tyrant could choose a people to rule, instead of people choosing tyrants, he would most definitely choose Croats. Vucic would be so much luckier if he ruled in Croatia instead of Serbia. He would say: This is heaven on earth!”

krilo ptice od kamena

#105 out of 5 million

Teachers of the Belgrade Faculty of Philosophy support protests of citizens of Serbia: Through research of an individual and a society, we recognize numerous elements of dictatorship in the government’s behavior.

apple on a fence

Waiting for Putin

They come to power with Western, USA and EU, support, and try to stay in power with Putin’s support. Milorad Dodik is one successful, so far, example. Vucic, the President of Serbia, is attempting the same.

Chickens in the Yard

Petty thieves

Brnabic complained to the media that she was surprised by some foreign agencies which interpreted her statement about the military as a threat of war. Then she ordered her team to review the video…

Photo: Neda Radulovic-Viswanatha

“The times they are a-changing”

After the mid-term elections in the US, it is unlikely that Trump will be re-elected in 2020. This is irrespective of the rising chances of impeachment (which, the chances, we will not know until Mueller publishes his report).

klupa u parku

Beginner’s guide to Serbia’s decline

Ana Brnabic explained that “there is a possibility to sign a long term contract on normalization with Pristina by 2025”, but that, most likely “by then, Serbia won’t be ready to join the EU.”

Still from the Depth Two

Landscape of crime

Ognjen Glavonic’s long-awaited first feature film The Load (Belgrade premiere is tonight) is based on a story about a man who drove the truck loaded with dead bodies from Kosovo to Serbia in the spring of 1999.

ptice u letu

Night mailman in Serbian army

Are there more Serbian war criminals in prisons or at the Belgrade book fair, which just closed. This dilemma arises because of the program at the booth of the ministry of defense and the army of Serbia.

All the same, photo: Pescanik

Media freedom in Serbia today

We started cooperation with the Serbian government in June this year on creating the Media strategy, having been given guarantees that there was a political will to improve the situation in the media.

Photo: Predrag Trokicic

New dean and hate speech

New generation of students of the Faculty of law in Novi Sad was greeted by the new dean Branislav Ristivojevic, who was a couple of months ago found guilty of hate speech against LGBT+ citizens.

Grafit na zidu zgrade: Ajmo... De ćemo??!

We didn’t understand

Yugoslavia as a way to fulfil Serbian goals for Kosovo – that was not enough. It was seen as an obstacle for the establishment of Serbian power in Kosovo. Hence the choice: Kosovo or Yugoslavia.

svetleća reklama Tvister


“The crying Serbia” has won over “the winning Serbia” – concludes Vucic. And then he describes the “crying” Serbia in more detail: „Sonja Biserko, Sava Janjic and Rada Trajkovic, and nationalists“.

ulica noću, farovi kola

Imaginary coup

For many who don’t understand politics, a coup is usually a bloody and cruel institution, but also a romantic one. This is how you bring down a hated government and install a new, perhaps even worse one.

General at his own wake

In late June, a military-police exercise, megalomaniacally named “Joint Strike” was conducted in Kraljevo. Two and a half thousand members of the army and police took part in the action…

Frozen Vidovdan

An influential part of the Serbian intellectual elite calls for freezing the Kosovo issue. Why is it so important to live an eternal Vidovdan? And what are we freezing? I have at least 3 answers to that question.

Justice for Savamala

Police officer Goran Stamenkovic was found guilty of illegal conduct during the demolition of Savamala and received a sentence below the mandatory minimum, so he could keep his job with the police.

Public-private government

The minister announced a solution to all our problems – public-private partnerships, with two examples: the incinerator in Vinca and the concession for “Nikola Tesla” airport.