License to kill

Almost every 10th infected person in Serbia is a resident of nursing home. Out of the total of 30 nursing homes where the virus was registered, as many as 20 are public, with over 2000 residents.

Fire Eye

A laboratory specialized in coronavirus tests was opened in Belgrade. In addition to the importance of the new facility, the news of its opening attracted attention because of its unusual name.

God, help us

SPC’s absolutely idiotic request to allow a liturgical gathering of believers over the Easter weekend was met by the state’s absolutely idiotic extension of the curfew by one more day – from 60 to 84 hours.

Vucic in heaven

If would be so nice if this lasted, thinks Aleksandar Vucic, I can’t think of anything more wonderful, this could go on for ever and ever, soldiers in the streets, curfew, sirens, fear, patrol lights…

Four to seven

What kind of a person would manufacture this segregation? How little soul must you have? How heartless do you need to be to put people in such a demeaning position, even if they like getting up early?

Solidarity in the age of Corona

It’s Sunday, early afternoon. I am waiting for the president of my country to consult with, in this order: President of Hungary Viktor Orban, the patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church…

One-off tool to eliminate rivals

The National election committee will decide whether the candidate holds the position of a minority party “on the basis of a certificate issued by the relevant national minority council to the applicant”.

Simple mathematics

We have learned that Vesna Pesic is a super-trained specialist sniper who is planning to assassinate the president, and the parliament session held the day before yesterday was also interesting.

Protest letter

Protest against attacks on representatives of the academic community in the National Assembly: MP Marko Atlagic is a person with a rare political career in contemporary Serbia…

30 year regression of Serbia

Danas – We have a history of defeat and people don’t expect to live better. It has nothing to do with poverty. China was a poor country, but the savings rate was about 40 percent of GDP.


After only 24 hours, PISA has faded from the mind of the Serbian public. One expert said that the 2018 data is devastating. The minister said that we can’t expect good results before 2024 or 2027…

Printing money

I need to write a paper on the the crisis of socialism with an emphasis on the stagflation in Yugoslavia. I wrote a paper on the crisis and on the Yugoslav macroeconomic policies already in 1982…

Fiscal rules and councils

So, why fiscal rules and fiscal councils? There are probably two initial considerations. One was that democracies tend to run deficits – have a deficit bias – which may be inter-temporally inefficient…


Today, academic standards and the autonomy of the university triumphed over political influence. The whole process, which took more than five years, has improved the University of Belgrade.

The missing from Kosovo

Balkan.Perspectives – Some of the 1,000 missing Kosovo Albanian victims are in the undiscovered mass graves in Serbia, probably near military and police facilities.


– Was Pivo also a painter? – Yes, he was. And during the war he drew pictures of the Partisans as a way of chronicling their lives. Here, let me show you… we even have a little book…

Let’s move on

Thus spoke Sinisa Mali: “I will accept the responsibility and let’s move on.” It is now pointless to ask him what this accepting of the responsibility actually means, for he has already moved on.

One-man boycott

Marina Abramovic, who once managed to escape from that dungeon of art, hated socialist Yugoslavia, has now returned to capitalist Serbia. The reborn motherland welcomed her back…

Rector Ivanka Popovic

The rector said that the truth about Sinisa Mali’s doctorate should be determined as soon as possible… This is all it takes to make one a hero in Serbia – whether positive or negative.

The centre holds

The centre has just been able to hold. This is how one might see the EU elections, the decision by the Supreme Court in the UK, and the start of the impeachment proceedings in the US.