A perfect crime

When tax inspectors audit Juzne vesti for 5 years in a row and spend almost 2 years, added up, in the editorial office, it is clear that this is not an regular inspection, but an administrative weapon.


While the battle for Kosovo is being fought, the news that the number of non-tax imposts paid by the citizens, entrepreneurs and companies in Serbia was finally determined has gone by completely unnoticed.

The idiot

Whose is „our“ money the citizens of Nis have taken off Vucic’s back by saying, as he understood it, that they don’t want it? As far as my knowledge goes – this money actually belongs to the citizens of Nis.

Forget the Iron Regiment

Speaking about the demographics of Serbia, Vucic placed the birth of children in the context of regional conflicts and the achievement of foreign policy goals – in particular, resolving the Kosovo problem.

The fifth column

Building managers have become a new division of SPP’s political army. They visit tenants and ask them to register themselves as sure voters for the list “Aleksandar Vucic – because we love Belgrade”.

Spies and scoundrels

As Vulin excitedly told us, the women performed their forbidden actions using a drone. But how? Where was the drone at the moment of their arrest? Did the spies hold it on a string, like a Chinese kite?

Diabolic coma

A singer Aleksandar Vuksanovic (Aca Lukas), has been “donating” concerts to municipalities where elections are about to happen. At these concerts he calls upon the citizens to vote for SPP.

(Un)transparent CEC

Crta – 28 days since the election was announced, the City Election Commission (CEC) is yet to allow domestic observers to attend its meetings. During this period, as many as 17 CEC meetings were held.

Victims of a sick society

Natasa Kandic is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for 2018. This was enough to cause a barrage of threats to this brave women, whose life mission is to record every victim of the wars of the 90s.

A very dark place

Transparency Serbia announced that our country ranked 62nd in the big international Open Budget Index survey for 2016. The list covers 115 countries, which means that we are in the bottom half.

The sultan’s slipper

The extradition of a Turkish citizen of Kurdish origin, Cevdet Ayaz, caused an avalanche of comments and reactions from the public. This controversial case can be seen in two ways…

Whose army?

If Serbian parliament adopts the proposed law on the army, the military police will protect people based on the decision of the minister of defense, and arrest citizens who are against it.

Serbia is Kosovo

Since the UN Special Rapporteur’s for torture findings for Kosovo and Serbia are almost identical, it turns out that Belgrade and Pristina have much more in common than they are willing to admit.

Justice and the future

Vucic said that now is not the time for happiness or sorrow, that we should instead look towards the future. How? How are he or former president Nikolic supposed to look towards the future?

Anti-civil war

HRT management issued a statement regarding their journalist Aleksandar Stankovic because he “equated the Homeland war with civil war on multiple occasions” in his show “Nedjeljom u dva”.

Vucic, Vuletic, and one chair

In Serbia people felt first on their own skin that Vucic says one thing and does another, i.e. that his pro-European rhetoric is often only a cover for his pro-Russians and pro-Putin practice.

October 1917: How it all went wrong

The Russian Revolution heralded a fertile period for economic thinking in the 1920s, but this was decisively killed off by Stalin. The effects of the destruction he wrought have left a long shadow.

Bending knee to Sultan

Erdoğan’s festive welcome pointed out all the features of the “poor man’s glory”, which mostly shows the things that don’t exist. In this case, glamor, honesty and grandiose friendship.


National Council decided to appoint a “professor from Italy” as “a member of the expert committee to analyze the disputed doctoral dissertation of the mayor of Belgrade, Sinisa Mali”.

Waiting for the election

The atmosphere of social conflict on the brink of an armed clash is intolerable for most citizens and they are willing to sacrifice a lot to avoid it. This is the secret of Vucic’s success among Serbian voters.