The sovereign

Aleksandar Vucic became the new president of Serbia, but also, in a sense, the theorist of his own political system. The cover of the last issue of Nedeljnik shows A. Vucic playing chess with himself…

Electoral autocracy

A person who is a minority according to practically all features of political significance, Ana Brnabic, is going to be Prime Minister. How will she rule? She won’t. President Vucic will.

Mirëdita, bad days

They tried to enter the room where the fourth “Mirëdita, good day” festival, which presents the cultural scene of Kosovo, was planned to happen. The police managed to prevent them…

Phantom of Bujanovac

Ivica Dacic said that the only reason Jonuz Musliu won’t be “arrested” is the fact that Aleksandar Vucic “makes sure that his actions don’t cause additional damage or turn Musliu into a victim”.

So that children don’t die

From the archive: I wonder did there exist, on the fourth of June 1968 in Belgrade, a single person who did not feel shaken to her very core, or thrown out of his basic everyday equilibrium?

Lex Croatia

The difference between a multimillionaire in France or Sweden and Ivica Todoric in Croatia is the fact that they have to obey their laws, while in Croatia the laws have to obey Ivica Todoric.

Election dialectics

Opposition is not only a competition to the regime, but also a guarantee of its legitimacy. Elections not controlled by the opposition are no longer a legitimate expression of the citizens’ will.

Keep it weak

This very moment, the opposition should start preparing for the Belgrade elections. And the first item in these preparations should be the analysis of the presidential election which has just ended.

A Marxian fable

At one time, I found it useful to think in terms of Marx’s dictum: from each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs. Start with Plato, not altogether literally…

Three weeks before the elections

Our candidate for the Eurosong scheduled for the first week of May has more publicity than the presidential candidates taking part in the elections scheduled for April 2nd.

Serbia on spring break

The prime minister promised to engage in presidential campaign only in his free time (although, he also promised not to run) and then secured this free time by dismissing the government.

Candidate’s thirty-seconds quote

“I’m not campaigning. We didn’t spend a single dinar, we didn’t hold a single rally. I didn’t go anywhere to campaign in any way. Is this true? It is. So, why are you talking about campaigning?”

Always on the women’s side

Vucic, the knight in shining armor, will defend Marija Mali as the mother whose children were taken away, but won’t mention her as a woman who is the victim of domestic violence.

Serbia’s lying problem

The peripheral countries often offer an early prophecy about the direction things are going. The outskirts are not the ones to create new global trends – they are just the first to crumble.

History as elephant in the room

Where does a contemporary history of Serbia begin? How is the Yugoslav legacy reflected within it? And does all the talk about memory and forgetting in post-conflict societies really help?

Tribal rules

Last week, the Bar association of Belgrade refused to register Vladimir Vukcevic, former war crimes prosecutor, into the attorneys’ registry. We could have anticipated this last year…


The problem is not the fact that it’s a Serbian train, since Serbian trains and buses regularly travel to Kosovo and vice versa, but the fact that the words „Kosovo is Serbia“ are written on it.

Whistleblowing in the police

The two police officers stated that during the commemoration in Potocari in 2015 as many as 19 police officers were at the event and that they were given the task to secretly record the event.

To the new years of fighting

Ready for a new year of fighting, because the Dark is afraid of us! Whose city? Our city! We started 2016 with this message. A year of the fight against a serious threat to our city.

New era of total lies

In a weak and underdeveloped society such as the Serbian one, a lie is not used for ideological seduction, but for linking authoritarian government and dependent citizens into a permanent coalition.

Trump and power

wiiw – Trump announced that he was going to pull the US out of TPP and was going to negotiate bilateral trade deals. To get better deals for the US: ‘to bring jobs and industry back’.

Vukovar. Entertainment

The front page of Vecernje novosti on Monday, November 18th, 1991 brought two equally huge headlines: “Vukovar under control of Yugoslav army” and “Folk singer Lepa Brena is getting married”.