Vucic’s hour of the wolf

In this post-electoral “uncertainty”, produced by the prime minister, the only unquestionable electoral list is the one by Vojislav Seselj. And the SNS list, whose percentage could only increase.

Foto: Predrag Trokicić

We can do it better

Now that we have agreed that the Hague Tribunal is no good and brings only quarrels and not reconciliation, the time has come for a brighter topic – national war crimes trials.

Pre-election torture chamber

Vucic is the same as Serbia, i.e. the sum of all those differences – from Russia to NATO lovers. That mess is advertised for the elections under the slogan “Serbia wins – Aleksandar Vucic”.

Seselj’s shadow

Seselj escaped domestic justice, surrendering to the Hague court just prior to the murder of Zoran Djindjic. Now is the time for the Serbian judiciary to catch up with what has been lost.


If these first-degree verdicts become final, it would mean that Radovan Karadzic will have to bear the consequences of his crimes, while Vojislav Seselj will only have to answer to the public.

Obama in Havana

President Obama has obviously grasped that the Nobel Prize for Peace he received “on loan” was actually worth earning. His opponents in Washington see his trip to Havana as an act of treason.

The great theft

Conversation with Łukasz Pawłowski for Kultura liberalna magazine: In all the Balkan countries you can hardly find decent media. Along with deprofessionalization, there is the process of ‘dumbification’…

History’s blindspots

The bloody epilogue of such an important project as Yugoslavia demanded special attention of historians, but it didn’t receive it. There are neither successful nor unsuccessful books about it.

Black box of media financing

There is no reliable data on the total amount of money in the media industry, and about the purpose of these funds. This is also the least regulated aspect of the media system.

Media and normative framework

During the first year and a half of the media law’s implementation, no head of public authority has been sanctioned for not reporting the data on financing media publishers which they were obliged to do.

Fugitive with medal of merits

The president of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir is a friend of Serbia. The other day, on the occasion of celebrating the Serbian Day of statehood, Tomislav Nikolić awarded him with the Medal of the Republic of Serbia.

National tensions

Vucic has once again retreated when faced with the demands of the Serbian intellectual elite: first he gave up the sale of Telekom, and then he withdrew from the abolition of national pensions.

Foto: Predrag Trokicić

What do we want with Tolimir?

Our prime minister was the member Seselj’s legal team and followed his trial closely, until they parted their political ways. He should know what’s allowed in the courtroom and what’s not.

Matryoshka politics

In the pre-election atmosphere in Serbia, which is being fired up, the visit of Russian deputy prime minister Dmitry Rogozin seemed like the opening of the famous Russian doll matryoshka.

Media and marketing

The Anti-Corruption Council published a Report on the Possible Impact of the Public Sector Institutions on the Media through Financing of Advertising and Marketing Services.

Police in the campaign

What was the point of the mass arrests – is it a beginning of the election campaign, or an attempt to distract the public from the cracks in SPP (Gasic, Mirkovic) and from the new report of the Anti-corruption Council?

People in a cage

The young French terrorists attacked those European commodities which are available to them – football matches, fast food and metal. In that sense, Hollande’s statement is true: France is at war, but it’s a civil war.

Radicals in transition

After the president announced a “civil war”, the prime minister rushed to Moscow to get the “weapons” and the “tools”. And not just any weapons, but defensive ones, so that Serbia could protect its territory.



Are those Syrians crazy? Don’t they read newspapers, watch TV? Don’t they see the state of the Europe they so naively rush to?

Skanderbeg was a Serb

Instead of an obituary for Olivera Milosavljevic (1951-2015): The author traces the ways in which the stereotype of Albanians as implacable enemies is created.


Instead of acting as allies against the false refugee policy, Croatia and Serbia are blowing the war horns and preparing for a new historic battle. The refugees are not important anymore.