Legitimacy and constitution

There are various attempts to draw a parallel between the crisis in and over Ukraine and the dissolution of Yugoslavia and more specifically with the constitutional set up of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the possible political outcome in Ukraine.

Sacrificing the chess pawn

There are those who claim that this is all part of a political play – to sacrifice not so politically important Krstic on “an altar of painful reforms” in order to preserve intact and integral Vucic.

The grand design of corruption

Our sun rises in Arab Emirates. Their money, entrepreneurship and altruism are supposed to make Little Dubai out of Serbia, shinny and silly, like all that modern hamburger architecture from Brazil to Kazakhstan and China.

The shameless plagiarism of Aleksandar Šapić

Balkanist – Aleksandar Šapić has sunk deeper into the Serbian academic mud than Mr Stefanović, not because of his tattoos or his (indisputably outstanding) athletic career, but because his plagiarism is more serious, extensive and shameless than that of Mr Stefanović.

The mythical war

Feeling of injustice is perhaps the strongest glue of a nation. It homogenizes all individuals with a strong sense that we are objects of constant historic injustice – you keep giving, but you are always misunderstood and, eventually, end up worst.

Prijedor holograms

At the opening of Andricgrad Vucic stressed that the Institute will be “the gathering place for all great Serbian minds”. However, on the road to Omarska none of those “great Serbian minds” thought to put a single road sign.

Flooded consolidation

Prime minister didn’t explain what floods have to do with reducing public servants’ salaries. It turns out that the public employees are biggest victims of floods and therefore the urgent fiscal consolidation should be postponed.

Free people

From the radio show, June 6:… Thousands of people inhabit that virtual Serbia. They built their communities there, their roads and squares. They don’t want to wallow in the mud produced daily by this government and their media.

“Second-Serbia’s” diaspora

Unlike that incensed “first-Serbia” diaspora, ideologically bigot and submissive to the cult of Sveti Sava, this “second-Serbia” diaspora is ideologically unburdened and intellectually incorruptible.


We, the undersigned university professors, lecturers, assistants, researchers, doctors and doctoral students, support the efforts of our colleagues to shed light on the unethical actions that characterize a segment of the Serbian academic community.

Government and terror

A false question has been raised – Who is killing Pescanik – which can be translated from Serbian to Croatian into dozens of variants. One is: Who killed Milan Levar?

A fake doctorate pierced the balloon

Affairs should bother the prime minister. But they don’t. He himself constructs the affairs. He uses them to build up his power and holy moral character. The more threats and dangers, the more evidence that he is doing great deeds for Serbia.

Closing time

I wonder how much more humiliation can Serbian scientists take, those people conducting complex research in impossible conditions, those who don’t steal?

Justice for Nebojsa

Two articles appeared side by side on the Pescanik website: “How to get a PhD? Easy! The case of Minister Stefanovic”, and “House of terror in the Museum of revolution”.

Dunja has it in for Vucic

When we go for our national interests, Europe doesn’t stand a chance. Europe is far from those interests, because they necessarily include censorship.

The Prime Minister’s letter

Everyone agrees that the prime minister works too hard. If only he had a bit of sleep, he would certainly write a more polite letter to OSCE representative Dunja Mijatovic.

Notes on responsibility

According to the few independent media, as the water withdraws, another flood is rising – the flood of questions about responsibility.

Justice for floods

The state pulled itself together and is taking control over the key areas of life in Serbia after the floods. And the most important area, of course, is the public opinion.

The smell of flood

The lights and sounds coming from the submerged cars are the most unnerving. Short circuits flicker the lights, turning on signals and alarms, and you imagine people trapped inside. But it’s just the afterlife of drowned cars.

Social disaster

Instead of an image of prime minister and members of his cabinet sprawling around helicopters, we should invoke the image of a lifeguard who gave his seat in a life boat to a woman last night.

Vucic and VUK

The fate of Serbia lies in hands of the attack trio VUK: Vujovic-Udovicki-Krstic… If they are prevented from implementing their program, they should inform the public.

News from Serbia

I would say that two things are important: the reforms that government plans to implement and Serbia’s foreign policy, which is still unclear.

Cretinization of Serbia

The factory in Zubin potok doesn’t belong to Simpo. Just like Simpo doesn’t belong to Simpo, nor does it belong to Aleksandar Vucic or Aleksandar Vulin.