„Je suis BIRN“

We don’t have the right to use the honorable epithet “Je suis Charlie” if we continue to allow the collapse of the very form (the substance is already gone) of the parliamentary democracy in Serbia.

Foreign policy as local occupation

Only when the issue of Kosovo is resolved and repayment of debts guaranteed, can the chapters 23 and 24, which are about the judiciary system and human rights, be opened in the second part of this year.

Yet another year

Not much will change in 2015 when it comes to respect for human rights. One may even expect a deterioration of relations towards freedom of expression and human rights defenders.

Climate infringement

The overall result is: during this year’s first nine months, the investments were 4% lower than in 2013. And last year, the investments were 10% lower than in 2012.

Good night, and good luck

Vulin is being given absolution from corruption by the US Ambassador. Vulin being protected by the US, go figure? Oppose a large international power, if you dare, and if you are as brave as Vulin.

What should the opposition do?

My proposal for the opposition parties is to unite into one party. However, the key issue is whether these parties would let citizens to decide who the new leader will be.

Belgrade for the death penalty?

On Sunday, November 30, more than 1800 cities in more than 90 countries specially illuminated one of their monuments. This is a part of the international manifestation “Cities for Life – Cities Against the Death Penalty”.

The heart of Serbia

The Turkish police said that the young man from Serbia was actually murdered in a fight among Serbian fans. If this is true, is the young man’s murder less tragic? From the point of view of common sense, the answer is obvious.

Association vs. the Bar

Our government has simple answers to complicated questions. General economic collapse is resolved by increased allocations of budget funds to public enterprises and parties…

Right on target

Once upon a time, Serbia was a place where good and bad people were equally distributed all over the country. Now the good people live only in the ruling party.

We need a different Europe

Cosmopolitan perspective seems to be the core of optimism of the renowned German sociologist. Professor Beck visited Belgrade last week giving lectures on saving the European project.

Turning over a new leaf

The prime minister’s smile meant for chancellor Merkel disappeared. Only scowls and teeth grinding remained for Albanian prime minister. All in the spirit of “turning over a new leaf in our relations”.

An ethnologist at the Book Fair

It would be interesting to compare the Book Fair and Trumpet Festival in Guca, the speeches praising the Serbian books and those praising the Serbian trumpet. You could make a good doctoral dissertation out of it.

Serbian society and war crimes

“The very reality of existence, almost reduced to the mere existence of our bodies, has become suspicious”, said Srdja Popovic in this essay 11 years ago. He left us a year ago, but Serbian society is still standing in the same, unbearable spot.

Down with teachers!

Teachers are parasites on the state budget that spend money and produce nothing? The government maybe should declare teaching a socially-useful work, which isn’t funded by the treasury.

Beyond self-censorship

Blic’s headlines are an open invitation to lynch the actor Goran Jevtic. Is self-censorship no longer enough, and journalists now must offer someone as a sacrifice to save themselves?

Concessions to the trap

Serbia’s budget deficit this year will amount to around 3 billion euros. Serbian government debt rose to 70% of GDP (the law stipulates that it mustn’t exceed 45% of GDP).

Theatre of the absurd

Although fighter jets flew over the city the entire day, the Serbian government was unable to prevent a toy aircraft from entering the air space above the stadium where the match between Serbia and Albania was taking place.

Halving the mindset

We are being asked to change only the part of our mindset which prevents us from working hard, but not to change the whole mindset and go on strike, because we are working in poor conditions for low wages.

Strictly controlled freedom

There are a lot of impressions, but there is no Olja Beckovic to classify them, nor can you vote any longer. Maybe this was the idea: you got the Pride, but lost “Utisak”; you had a flood, you will get Putin.

King Solomon’s riches

The Cyprus treasure became part of the oral tradition of a people robbed in the 1990s by a skillful mix of hyperinflation and Ponzi schemes.

In the shade of propaganda

We have status quo in Serbia, but Vucic’s version of that „parasite system“ is radically nihilistic. Its performers don’t believe in change, and anyway: they don’t know how to do it.

Don’t light the candles

The beating of a young man from Germany is not an “incident”. State retreats before the threats, and citizens demonstrate that it is none of their business, until it starts to endanger their imaginary reputation.

From Germany with love

Balkanist – German publishing house De Gruyter has confirmed that the article authored by Belgrade mayor Sinisa Mali, which granted him the right to defend his doctoral dissertation at FON, is plagiarism.

Human Rights? What for?

The introductory sentence of the first article in the Constitution defining Serbia in an early-romanticist manner as a state which “belongs” equally to the Serbian people and all citizens living in it – is politically profoundly insincere.

A summer strike

Until today, not a single attack against Pescanik was investigated. Just like on previous occasions, the website administrator has collected data of the attack from his logs. Pescanik’s legal team is preparing criminal charges against “persons unknown”.