A fake doctorate pierced the balloon

Affairs should bother the prime minister. But they don’t. He himself constructs the affairs. He uses them to build up his power and holy moral character. The more threats and dangers, the more evidence that he is doing great deeds for Serbia.

Closing time

I wonder how much more humiliation can Serbian scientists take, those people conducting complex research in impossible conditions, those who don’t steal?

Dunja has it in for Vucic

When we go for our national interests, Europe doesn’t stand a chance. Europe is far from those interests, because they necessarily include censorship.

The Prime Minister’s letter

Everyone agrees that the prime minister works too hard. If only he had a bit of sleep, he would certainly write a more polite letter to OSCE representative Dunja Mijatovic.

Justice for floods

The state pulled itself together and is taking control over the key areas of life in Serbia after the floods. And the most important area, of course, is the public opinion.

The smell of flood

The lights and sounds coming from the submerged cars are the most unnerving. Short circuits flicker the lights, turning on signals and alarms, and you imagine people trapped inside. But it’s just the afterlife of drowned cars.

Social disaster

Instead of an image of prime minister and members of his cabinet sprawling around helicopters, we should invoke the image of a lifeguard who gave his seat in a life boat to a woman last night.

Vucic and VUK

The fate of Serbia lies in hands of the attack trio VUK: Vujovic-Udovicki-Krstic… If they are prevented from implementing their program, they should inform the public.

News from Serbia

I would say that two things are important: the reforms that government plans to implement and Serbia’s foreign policy, which is still unclear.

Cretinization of Serbia

The factory in Zubin potok doesn’t belong to Simpo. Just like Simpo doesn’t belong to Simpo, nor does it belong to Aleksandar Vucic or Aleksandar Vulin.

The new fall into barbarism

What was that game played by the prime minister and citizens in front of the Parliament? Did prime minister show us that he doesn’t swear oath to any institution, but only to the people?


Belgrade wants Kosovo to finance the demolition of the building which conceals the mass grave.

Dead campaign

We are faced with the serious task of taking on civil action, voting for DS is a cheap way out.


Another disturbing piece of news: “new commission will investigate Djindjic’s assassination”.