Fear of Europe

Rev. Justin Popović represents an expression of the aforementioned contradiction in the duality of our relationship towards Europe.


Biljana lived in a country where for the last quarter of a century, on an almost daily basis, you get to a point where you have to try your best to remain a decent human being.

In memoriam

Biljana Kovačević-Vučo, president of Lawyer’s Committee for Human Rights – YUCOM passed away in Belgrade.

Why did they bomb us?

The 11th anniversary of the NATO intervention is now being commemorated in Serbia, yet few people have any idea why we were bombed.

Preachers warn

This peaceful world of ours is ready for destruction – And still the sun shines, the sparrows come each morning to the bakery for crumbs.

Serbia’s aimless drift

Excerpt from the radio show Peščanik, 9th October 2009: Srđa Popović reflects on the roots of violence in contemporary Serbian society.

Joint history project

It is a long-term project that brings together 60 Southeast-European historians to work together through multiperspective history of the region.

The small nation problem

A small nation certainly has and is something. But being insignificant, it is worth only with its racial and not cultural individuality. This value remains localized and a small nation lives in international solitude, so to speak.

Letter from Australia

It is a weird feeling to stand in Potocari, silently reading the engraved names, hundreds of them, almost your entire family, and unconsciously looking for your own name among them, right there between Hamdija and Hasan, alphabetically.

Growth is disappearing

Countries that are more integrated with the EU have suffered more from the crisis. These countries are also better positioned to profit from the various measures introduced in the EU.

Serbia and NATO

A group of over 200 “distinguished intellectuals” signed a petition calling for a referendum on whether Serbia should join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).